10 Things to do in Akita, Japan

10 Things to do in Akita, Japan

Say Hi to Akita. It has been a while since we had travelled to Japan and thanks to JNTO to have us in their virtual tour to explore the beautiful place called Akita Prefecture. Akita Prefecture (秋田県, Akita-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Tōhoku region of Honshu.

We had learned that Akita was created from the ancient provinces of Dewa and Matsu.With the long history, Akita is 秋田, meaning autumn rice paddy, is famous for rice farming and its sake breweries.  Asides from that Akita Prefecture is also the home of the well-known Akita breed of Japanese dogs . The bronze statue of the loyal dog Hachiko, well-known as the meeting spot in front of Shibuya Station, is an Akita. Akita Dogs are characterized triangular-shaped ears, curled tails, large bodies, and gentle personalities. And here; we will be listing 10 things to do in Akita!

1. Experience the Tambo Art 

Tambo Art is a rice paddy art began in 1993 in Inakadate in Aomori, when people began to draw simplistic designs and letters using various colors of rice plants. At that time, it was named simply “Letters by Rice Plants,” but by around 2003 it took on the much catchier name of tambo art. Things have only gotten better since then. The varieties and colors of rice available have increased dramatically in recent years as well as the techniques for creating the art with more accuracy, leading to some of the best rice field art projects the world has ever seen. And in here; one can witness how they use the rice paddies as canvas to paint a giant pictures with different of rice colours plant.

And to visit them, you can visit them during Jul – Early Sep

Do take a rice via Akita Nairiku Railway to experience the beauty of the Tambo Art:  https://www.akita-nairiku.com/en/routemap/

2. Explore Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa has a circumference of 20 km and is known as the deepest crater lake in Japan at 423.4 m. Tazawa is a lake of great beauty and mystery blessed by the legend of Tatsuko who was a young girl that turned into a dragon and now lives in the lake. Lake Tazawa’s depth keeps the lake from freezing in winter, and its beautiful azure color can be seen all throughout the year.

And Lake Tazawako has also been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 scenic spot. In here, one can enjoy a variety of activities such as sunset tour, downriver tour, and many more.  You can checkout : https://semboku-gt.jp/en/experience/kayaking-canoeing/ for the activities at Lake Tazawa

3. Explore the Kakunodate Bukeyashiki Street

The Street is being established by the Ashina family in 1620. Afterward, it prospered as the castle town of the Hokke branch of the Satake family. The street, lined with old samurai houses, still retains the flavor of a castle town. And in here, you can have the beautiful view and the real sense of the Edo Era which actually attracteds 2.000,000 visitors annually.

Do grab the chance to try on a kimono or even to ride rickshaws here. The samurai district is a 15 to 20-minute walk from JR Kakunodate station. Be sure to pick up the handy map and brochures available at the tourist information centre, located in a building resembling a traditional storehouse in front of the station!
Directions: 15 minutes on foot from JR Kakunodate Station

4. Picking up junsai

A jellylike vegetable shining emerald green, that is called “junsai” is a type of water plant that grows in the clean fresh water. It sets its roots into the bottom of swamps and grows up toward the surface. The round-shaped leaves of junsai spread just like a “green carpet” on the water surface during the harvest season from spring to summer.
And in here, one can experience the unique flavour and flavour and texture of the luxury food. And in Akita, this is also the only place you can experience maneuvering a small boat and carefully pick up the plants one by one!

5. Visit the Mount Moriyoshi

Known as one of Japan’s greatest flower mountains due to the approximately 300 types of alpine plants that bloom there from early summer to autumn. In the winter, skiing and seeing the frost-covered trees (“snow monsters”) are popular. They both can be easily enjoyed by riding the Ani Gondola. It is indeed a nice place to visit where you can enjoy the tunning scenery created by foliage colors that also spread to the surrounding mountains. In the winter, see the magical world of rime ice here, considered one of the three best places for viewing rime ice in Japan. Mt. Moriyoshi is truly one of the leading places for enjoying the natural spectacle of Akita all year round.

Address : 79-5 Ani-Kaginotaki, Kitaakita City
Adult: ¥1,800 (round-trip), ¥1,200 (one-way)
Child: ¥800 (round-trip), ¥500 (one-way)
Opening Times: 8:45am – 4:00pm

6. Enjoying the Hotspring

Being in Akita, another MUST DO is to visit the Hotspring. And there is 7 Hotspring in Akita that is worth to visit which includes

the Nyuto Hot Spring Village,Oga HotSpring Village, Yuze Spring Village, Hachimantai HotSpring Village, Tagawa Hot Sping Village,

Akinomiya Hotspring Village , Sukawa Hot Springs Kurikoma-Sansom Doroyu Hot Spring, and Oyasukyo Hot Spring, Som.

Why not have some nice time and dip your self in the awesome hotspring!

7. Hydrangeas of Unsho-ji Temple in Oga

It is indeed a scenic view of the awesome temple to visit. And the Unshi-Ji Temple which is in Oga, Akita Prefecture is elected as

one of the “Breathtaking sights in the world that I want to see before I die”
Grown painstakingly by the temple’s head priest over 15 years, the hydrangeas paint the entire temple with blue blossoms during the

peak season, which is generally in late June. You can enjoy the beautiful hydrangeas at their best against a backdrop of the blue ocean

from mid-June to early July.

Address 57 Kitaura, Kitaura, Kitaura, Oga-shi, Akita
Access From JR Oga Station, take the Namahage Shuttle Bus for approximately 40 minutes, get off at Unsho-ji Temple bus stop

and walk for approximately 5 minutes

8. Hiking Experience
There are numerous well known places for hiking in Akita with its expanses of natural beauty. One representative example is the huge,

strangely shaped Japanese beech tree, the Agariko Daiou, in Shishigahama wetland

9. Enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding

Winter sports are hugely popular in the snow country of Akita. There are a large number of ski resorts and courses around Akita including Tazawako Ski Resort and Mt. Moriyoshi Ani Ski Resort.

10. Food

From long ago Akita has had fertile land and pristine water. Of course you can enjoy great rice, but also enjoy the seasonal foods harvested in Akita’s mountains and sea to your heart’s content.

Some of the MUST to try incudes to Hinai Chicken Oyako – Don, Ishiyaki Hot Stone Cooking, Inaniwa Udon Noodles, Kiritampo Nabe and more.

So, why not plan your trip to Akita now


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