Netizens Praise K-Drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kiss Scene For Many Reasons

Netizens Praise K-Drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kiss Scene For Many Reasons

It’s one of the best first kisses in a K-Drama!

Our ship has officially set sail!

Since Episode 1 of ENA‘s K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, we have been shipping attorney Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) and her coworker Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh).


And it was clear early on that Jun Ho had fallen and fallen hard for Young Woo…


Over the course of the past couple of weeks, there has been a back and forth between them. Although Jun Ho had fallen first, Young Woo confessed first.


So, finally, at the end of Episode 9, after some encouragement from Kwon Min Woo (Joo Jong Hyuk), Jun Ho runs to Young Woo to confess that he likes her too.


In Episode 10, Young Woo recounts the confession scene to her friends but reveals that she had run off after becoming so nervous that her mind went blank.


Her friends encouraged her to hurry and make things right by dating Jun Ho. Having not really dated anyone before, Young Woo asked what to do…

Young Woo’s friend gives her dating advice. | ENA via Netflix

So, when she met with Jun Ho again to confirm that he still likes her, she revealed a bucket list style of date ideas for them. While it was so sweet, Jun Ho really just wanted to start by simply taking her home and holding her hand…



While she attempted to hold hands with Jun Ho, it was still too uncomfortable for her, and he respected her boundaries. So, they agreed that “holding hands can wait.”


Kissing is not off limits, though.

At the end of the episode, Young Woo reflects on their developing relationship after a case in which a man was imprisoned for allegedly sexually assaulting his girlfriend because she is disabled. She can’t help but compare the case with her own relationship, especially considering how Jun Ho’s friends reacted to them.


Yet, Jun Ho reassures her as always. And if that wasn’t enough to make us love Jun Ho…


When he considers kissing her for the first time, he notices that she is nervous, so he steps back.


Then, she consents, kissing him first. This not only shows what a respectful man Jun Ho is but communicates Young Woo’s character development as she had previously run away anytime she got too close to Jun Ho.

Of course, since it was Young Woo’s first kiss, it didn’t go so smoothly at first. So, she asked him for instructions on how to kiss better…


Let’s just say viewers couldn’t contain themselves after that!


Viewers are now calling it one of the best kisses in K-Drama history, and we can understand why.


It’s not only super wholesome…


The details are so powerful. While K-Drama fans don’t usually like first kisses to be in the dark, it communicated so much in this scene by having it partially in the dark.


Park Eun Bin as Woo Young Woo (left) and Kang Tae Oh as Lee Jun Ho (right). | ENA via Netflix

Their silhouettes communicate that not only are they all that matters to each other against the world…


But with, the detail of the green light behind them symbolizes that it is consensual, a big topic of the episode.


And, viewing them as silhouettes, they simply look like two persons kissing. No one can judge anyone as disabled.


We love seeing Young Woo and Jun Ho’s character development, too! We can agree that they are truly one of the best couples in a K-Drama.

And, it is so good to see a K-Drama portray the importance of consent in a relationship! Gone are the days of toxic male leads forcing the female lead.

And, in the case of Young Woo, she didn’t just consent. She actually kissed him first.


Previously, in Episode 9, she attempted to communicate to Jun Ho that she liked him by making more traditionally “gentlemanly” gestures.


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