PURPLE KISS 101: What You Need To Know About This All-Rounder Monster Rookie

PURPLE KISS 101: What You Need To Know About This All-Rounder Monster Rookie

From surprising facts about the members to their dream collaborations, discover PURPLE KISS!



RBW‘s all-rounder rookie girl group PURPLE KISS is celebrating their banger “Sweet Juice” comeback with an exclusive interview for Koreaboo!

Check out the members’ thoughts about the group, the comeback, and the future!


Please introduce yourselves to new PLORYs around the world! What fun facts about yourselves would you like to share with your new fans?

Ireh: Hello, this is Ireh—PURPLE KISS’s main dancer and “energetic squirrel!” I believe PURPLE KISS is a unique group, and we can handle all kinds of genres with our own splash of color.

Na Goeun: I’m Na Goeun, and I got a voice that is pleasant to the ears. I think PURPLE KISS members are like sisters. Before we go on stage, we have a small ritual. We say, “Who are we?? PUR-KI, woo! PUR-KI, woo!”

Dosie: Hello, I’m Dosie! I’m PURPLE KISS’s charismatic performer and main dancer. Like Na Goeun said, we think of one another as sisters. So we have amazing teamwork. A little something about me—I started taking vitamins! And I’ve made a habit of using propolis and perfume before going on stage.

Yuki: I’m PURPLE KISS’s main rapper Yuki. PURPLE KISS members are like siblings to me. We’ve spent so much time together now that we’re starting to take after one another. I love them.

Swan: Hello, I’m the maknae Swan! I would like to think I have a dream-like voice. And I would like to let PLORYs know that PURPLE KISS is a humorous group! We have a lot of fun all the time. I like to use oil for the skin after taking a shower. For me, it’s a non-negotiable step.

Chaein: Hi, I’m PURPLE KISS’s all-rounder, Chaein. A fun fact about me is that I used to be ENTJ, but it changed to ISTJ as of late!

Congratulations on the recent comeback with “Sweet Juice.” Are there any unforgettable behind-the-scenes stories from this mini-album?


Yuki: I didn’t have a lot of time to work on the rap for the songs on this mini-album. I had to write them in a bit of a rush. There was so much to do to prepare for the comeback that at one point, I doubted I could complete the rap-making on time. But I ended up coming up with some good verses, so I’m super proud!

Swan: I dyed my hair for the comeback! This is the first time I’ve gone with a bright hair color, and I really like it.


Ireh: This mini-album captures more of our vocals, so I’m satisfied with that. The members grew so much from putting this album together because we had to talk through a lot of things. I’d like to recommend “T4KE” from the album; Chaein composed it and wrote the words, too.

Dosie: For me, I had a lot of fun creating the choreo for the track “Agit” with the team. The whole process reminded me of when we were trainees. It made me the happiest. I know that PLORYs love this mini-album because the members got involved a lot more and because it has a lot of different “flavors,” so to speak. I recommend giving “Autopilot” a listen; It’s not like the other PURPLE KISS songs.

Chaein: I was monitoring our “Agit” performance and… I don’t know, I cried. It was so touching for some reason. Watching the members, it moved me to tears.

Na Goeun: The music video for “Sweet Juice” comes with a plot, so I think PLORYs will find it entertaining. The members had to act a bit, which was special. Yuki and I got to be the mystery character. It was such a meaningful experience!

A unique aspect of PURPLE KISS is that five out of six members appeared on audition programs. How have the shows shaped you?

Dosie: Going on that audition program opened my eyes to a much bigger world out there. I learned so much about what I do well vs. what I need to work on. It helped me in tremendous ways. If I could give advice, I’d tell hoobae idol-trainees to never lose confidence.


Na Goeun: Personally speaking, I don’t love the idea of competitions. But looking back, the competition made me who I am today. I learned a lot. I still keep in touch with the friends I made on the show. If anything, I think hoobae idol-trainees should remember to ALWAYS put themselves first and love themselves.

Chaein: Thanks to the experience I got on the audition program, I don’t feel as nervous on stage as I used to!



What motivates you when you make music? Are there any other artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Na Goeun: I get a lot of ideas from the members, actually. They inspire me and motivate me. I liked “Zombie” era’s concept, but I also enjoy something like “Sweet Juice.” I guess I like all the genres. If possible, I’d love to work with BIG Naughty and Crush. Or, from RBW, I love ONEWE‘s music so it’d be great to be able to work with them!

Dosie: I, too, think a lot about fellow PURPLE KISS members when I’m working on music. This helped me write a couple of songs, and I’d assume PLORYs can tell the amount of affection that went into the words. In the future, it’d be exciting to attempt band music?! I also would love to be a part of a “RBW Concert,” if possible.


Chaein: For me, I focus on feelings when I’m working on melodies. It does help to think about the people around me. From this mini-album in particular, I’m fond of “Intro: Save Me.” I like the choreo for it, too. I’d like to expand and dabble in some hiphop, too. So my dream collaboration is with PH-1.

Yuki: When I’m working on the rap parts, I have to be somewhere alone. I write while listening to the melodies over and over again. It’s harder to work on rap making when I’m tired. But when I’m in a space with no one around, I can focus.

Swan: It helps that I find inner peace from the songs that I sing. This motivates me to keep singing. I love the concept and choreo that we have going for “Sweet Juice.” So, in the future, I’d like to develop this line of concept a bit more and work on something similar. It’d be amazing to be able to collaborate with the artists whom I’ve met on different entertainment programs—and Hwasa sunbae-nim from RBW!

Ireh: There’s a part in the choreo for “Sweet Juice” when the members all walk together. This move, when I’m walking alongside the team, gives me a huge confidence boost. It has become an instant favorite.

Where is PURPLE KISS going next? What can PLORYs expect?



Swan: No matter where we are, whether on stage or behind the scenes, we’re thinking about how we can appeal to PLORYs and show them all the colors that we bring. We strive to be “a group that is best fit for the stage,” so we’ll keep working toward that goal!

Chaein: And like some of the longest-lasting sunbae groups in the field, PURPLE KISS would like to remain together and perform in front of PLORYs for a long time. We can’t wait to bring more songs and messages for the fans!

Yuki: Or, in short, PURPLE KISS for world domination!

Listen to PURPLE KISS’s “Sweet Juice” here.


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