“Boys Planet” Announces Top 28 With Many Surprising Rank Changes

“Boys Planet” Announces Top 28 With Many Surprising Rank Changes

Did your favorites make it past this round of eliminations?

As the weeks go on, viewers of Boys Planet wait in anticipation to see if their favorite trainees will rank high enough to continue in the program. In episode eight of Boys Planet, the second-ranking was revealed and narrowed down the competition to just 28.

Here are the top 28 of Boys Planet!

28. Hiroto

27. Ollie

26. Cha Woongki

25. Takuto

24. Lee Jeonghyeon

23. Zhang Shuaibo

22. Chen Kuanjui

21. Lee Seunghwan

20. Na Kamden

Na Kamden began episode one ranked at 82 and has jumped up over 60 spots!

19. Wang Zihao

18. Seowon

17. Yoo Seungeon

16. Haruto

15. Yoon Jongwoo

14. Ricky

13. Park Hanbin

12. Jay Chang

Fans were surprised to see that Jay dropped from the top nine into the twelfth position.

11. PENTAGON’s Hui (also known as Lee Hoe Taek)

Another fan favorite, viewers are surprised that Hui’s ranking has dropped from his first few top nine rankings.

10. Kum Junhyun

9. Park Gunwook

8. Keita

7. Kim Taerae

6. Kim Gyuvin

5. Kim Jiwoong

4. Seok Matthew

3. Han Yujin

2. Zhang Hao

1. Sung Hanbin

Sung Hanbin has remained in the number one spot across all rankings, something that has never been seen in a survival program.

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