$20.9K Sofa & $20.5K Bed: Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu’s Mod-European Condo Has Really Pricey Furniture

$20.9K Sofa & $20.5K Bed: Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu’s Mod-European Condo Has Really Pricey Furniture

More than a year after settling into their dream home, Joanne Peh, 40, and Qi Yuwu, 46, are finally giving us a glimpse into Casa Qi.

The couple and their two kids, whom the public knows only as Baby Qi, eight, and Qi Didi, six, moved into their resale condo in the east in 2022 after more than a year of renovations. You can read about their reno woes here.

The apartment boasts a modern-European theme with cornices and wainscoted cabinets, chandeliers and elegant classical furnishings.

It also features a number of pieces from British luxury furniture label Christopher Guy, which the couple like for the “romantic European look”.

The brand is known for its elegant pieces and iconic “Chris-cross” furniture-leg design.

The couple revealed in a YouTube video by reno platform, The SIXiDES, that they’ve always had a thing for modern European and classical design. Their first home also sported a similar look.

Their ID, Astley Ng, looked to black-and-white colonial houses for inspiration and incorporated lots of white walls and dark brown and grey accents.

The entryway

The hallway is adorned with marble flooring, flanked by dark walnut engineered wood flooring for a luxe feel.

On both sides of the hallway are living areas which have been segregated into ‘private’ and ‘public’ spaces.

The former is a play area for the kids and Joanne to do their arts and crafts, while the ‘public’ space is where the family spends their family time.

“One of the things that I knew I must have is a children’s play area… Maybe it’s like living out my childhood dream because I wish I had an area like that where it’s designated for the children to play to make art so even if it gets a little messy, it’s okay because it’s meant for the kids,” Joanne said.

This is where the Qis display their masterpieces
The living room’s plush furnishings and soothing colour palette create a luxurious ambience

All that mod-European style doesn’t come cheap.

According to the Christopher Guy website, this sofa retails from $20.9K, while the coffee table costs $18.4K.

Joanne’s own Hogwarts-style study

Another thing Joanne really wanted was a study reminiscent of the Harry Potter library.

With its Chesterfield sofa and full-length dark wood bookshelf, this study would fit right in at Hogwarts.

Yuwu’s study, on the other hand, has a more oriental feel.

Dining room

The dining room is furnished with an elegant brown and cream coloured dining set.

The table retails for $19.3K and the chairs, $3K each.

Yuwu’s dream kitchen

In contrast, the sleek kitchen, which was inspired by the movie Mr & Mrs Smith, sports an industrial theme, with stainless steel finishes and hi-tech equipment.

Sweet dreams are made of these

Taking centrestage in the master bedroom is this canopy bed. Shaped like a cocoon, the bed retails from $20.5K

Powder room

European-style influences are also reflected in the powder room, which features teal and marble walls.

“When I look in interior design magazines, I’ve always liked the whole powder room, half wall and half wallpaper sort of look. And we’ve never been able to create that because we’ve never had a powder room before. And now that this house has got a powder room I was like we got to do this we got to make this work,” said Joanne.

Photos: The SIXiDES/YouTube, Christopher Guy/YouTube, Qi Yuwu/Instagram, Joanne Peh/Instagram

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