Travel Tips: Popular Destinations to Visit During CNY for More Festive Atmosphere

Travel Tips: Popular Destinations to Visit During CNY for More Festive Atmosphere

Chinese New Year is a time for family reunion. Some of us would choose to stay at home for a small gathering with family and friends while others think it would be more fun to go on a family trip during this holiday. If you prefer the latter, here are some places that also celebrate Chinese New Year you might want to take into consideration while planning for your trip.

1. Beijing

The Lunar New Year is the grandest festival in China. So, they take it very seriously. During this time of the year, you will see red lanterns hanging everywhere in Beijing. One of the most traditional celebrations is the temple fairs. You get to taste and try many of their authentic traditional foods and snacks here, including sweet pease pudding, imperial cuisine and Bing Tanghulu (sugar-coated haws). And don’t forget to enjoy the Chinese Opera, Chinese folk arts, acrobatic performances and many more!


2. Ho Chi Minh City

If you wish to have a new experience during Chinese New Year, Ho Chi Minh might be a good choice. The Spring Festival (Tet Holiday, as they call it) is the most important celebration in Vietnam. During this time of the year, there will be lots of Tet markets selling clothes, dried candied fruits etc. The Vietnamese also celebrate Tet on the streets in which they throw firecrackers and bang gongs to scare away bad spirits.


3. Taipei

Taipei City will be decorated with colorful lanterns during Spring Festival. Remember to join the amazing lantern show that is full of festive atmosphere and is exclusive for Spring Festival! If you come during other time of the year, sorry, maybe you need to plan another trip to the city. (haha) Also, the trip to Taipei will not be perfect without shopping at their their famous night markets and trying their famous street foods.


4. Korea

The Korean New Year typically falls on the same day as Chinese New Year. It is basically a 3-day holiday where the people return to their hometowns to visit their parents or relatives as well as perform ceremonial ritual to connect with their ancestors. As this is a traditional family holiday, many shops will be closed, meaning, less crowd on the street. So, you get to take your time and savour every moment as long as you wish. Be sure to dress in hanbok and try popular new year food: Tteokguk (soup with sliced rice cake) and Jeon (savoury pancake).


5. San Francisco

You think celebrating Chinese New Year in a Western Country is not festive enough? Well, think again. Here in San Francisco, Chinatown will be swarmed in by both local Chinese and non-Chinese to join the Chinese New Year Parade. People are seen walking around in traditional Chinese costumes during the parade. So, if this is where you plan to celebrate your Chinese New Year this year, you may prepare one for yourself too!


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