Taiwanese singer Rachel Liang divorces husband allegedly due to infidelity

Taiwanese singer Rachel Liang yesterday (July 13) confirmed through her agency that she is divorcing her husband of four years, Amos Zhang. The two had met while participating in church activities. Things seemed to be great for the couple as recent as three months ago, when Zhang posted on Instagram a loving message for Rachel on her [...]

Ming Dao’s Got Himself a Wife and a New Baby!

It appears double congratulations are in order for actor Ming Dao who’s now a husband and a new dad! After his agent publicly announced the good news that the actor and his longtime girlfriend Wang Ting-xuan have already registered for marriage last year and have just welcomed the birth of their son in May, the former idol [...]

Wu Chun Finally Holds A Wedding Ceremony With Wife 16 Years After They Got Married

We all grew up watching fairy-tales and it's just great to see one unfolding right before our eyes. We're lucky to have Wu Chun share his bliss with us as he and his wife Lin Liyin celebrated their love in a much-anticipated wedding ceremony held yesterday (June 9) in Brunei. It can be remembered that both secretly tied the [...]

Former Taiwanese idol Ming Dao, 40, now a father

Ming Dao has taken to Weibo to confirm the good news. In a post published today (June 10), he shared a photo of his baby's feet and thanked everyone for their concern. Former popstar idol Ming Dao, 40, has finally become a father, according to an exclusive report by CTWant. The Taiwanese digital publication spotted the ex-183 Club member [...]

16 Years Later: Wu Chun Finally Gives His Wife a Long Overdue Wedding Ceremony

When Wu Chun (吳尊) married his wife Lin Liying (林麗吟) 16 years ago, he was still in Taiwan and a member of the idol boy band, Fahrenheit (飛輪海). To protect their privacy, Liying had to take her own solo wedding photos and never even thought of holding a wedding ceremony. Now, two kids and 16 years later, Wu Chun believes it is [...]

‘Go check for STDs’: TV host Butterfly apologises after Grace Chow exposes her as Show Luo’s booty call

Honesty is the best policy, it seems. Especially when the sordid details of your dirty laundry has been aired for the world to read. After Show Luo's ex Grace Chow dropped a huge bomb about his philandering ways and how he couldn't keep it in his pants for nine years, she also called out one of his [...]

Show Luo seemingly admits to ex-girlfriend Grace Chow’s debauchery claims

Show Luo has (finally) published an apology to his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow. After his initial brief response to her claims yesterday, the 40-year-old Taiwanese singer took to Instagram in the wee hours of the morning today (April 24) to apologise, where he seemingly admitted to her accusations. He wrote: "With regards to this relationship, I must solemnly apologise to Grace. I'm [...]

Butterfly Issues Apology After Grace Chow Accused Her of Being the Third Party in Relationship With Show Luo

It's been a couple days since Chinese influencer Grace Chow basically outed her ex Show Luo for being a serial cheater when she announced that they've broken up after 9 years together. He has since written two public apologies, but it looks like the scandal which has turned sought-after entertainer Show Luo into a social pariah overnight shows no signs [...]

Show Luo’s Rumored Side Chick, Linda “Butterfly-jiejie” Chien, Apologizes to Grace Chow + Prior Signs Hinting at Their DL Relationship

For anyone who was cheated on, this is how you get revenge. On April 23, his ex-girlfriend, Grace Chow (周揚青), made a very public statement about the reason for her break up with Show Luo (羅志祥) was due to his cheating and his extracurricular activities involving women. Since then, Show Luo has issued two [...]

Grace Chow Reportedly Has Photo Evidence of Show Lo Cheating

On April 25th, Taiwanese entertainer Linda Chien (愷樂) took to Instagram to publicly apologize to mainland Chinese social media influencer Grace Chow (周揚青), who had dated Show Lo () for nearly ten years before finally calling it quits. Grace exposed Show for cheating on her with multiple women, and also revealed upsetting details about Show’s messy romantic relationships. Linda was [...]