KFC’s New Zero Chicken Burger Isn’t Vegan Or Vegetarian-Friendly — Here’s Why

KFC, the longtime purveyor of fried chicken, is going meatless with its new KFC Zero Chicken Burger. While it’s a chix burger in name, the item has a meat-free mycoprotein (a form of protein derived from fermented fungus) fried ‘chicken’ patty. The mock chook, although vegan, is also still made with KFC’s proprietary 11 herbs [...]

Top 20 Cafes In KL & PJ You Must Visit In 2021

Cafes are sprouting all over the Klang Valley area and there’s just too many to keep count of. So, we’ve compiled a list of cafes in KL and PJ, from the “new kids on the block” to old favourites, you simply can’t miss out this year! Either it’s going to breakfast, brunch, desserts or [...]

There’s A New Korean-themed Cafe In Ampang & It’s The Perfect Place To Destress

It is one week into 2021 and we’ve already got a new cafe for you to discover. Introducing this Korean-themed cafe in Ampang called – Fine Coffee & Flowers. This place exudes Korean cafe vibes and everything looks so aesthetically-pleasing. This makes it the perfect place to unwind and destress your mind with some [...]

This New Spot In Setia Alam Is Where You Can Eat & Chill By The Lake With Beautifully Lit Fountain

We know you’re constantly on the look out for the next instagrammable spot in the city. Klang Valley has no shortage of it but we can’t help but to squeal with excitement when there’s new a exciting spot in town. Well, folks living near Setia Alam will rejoice at this new hangout spot that’s [...]

Pizza Hut Having Mala Pizza, Mala Chicken Wings & Mala Fries As Well

As we all know, whenever there is a food trend, it is compulsory for all food companies to hop on the bandwagon and milk the trend till it dies. Not that I’m complaining, more food options are always good. For example, the mala trend has given us probably McDonald’s best fries variant yet. It also gave IKEA more additions to their [...]

How “Hello. Cannot” Became GSC’s Iconic Tagline

The next time someone asks you an annoying question or makes a ludicrous, simply quote Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) and reply, “Hello. Cannot”. In case you didn’t know, GSC’s “Hello. Cannot” has become a viral meme and such a hit among Malaysians that there are now merchandise with the iconic tagline. Source: GSC The social media team [...]

World Most Expensive Hotel : RM400k per night?! What’s so special about the Palms Casino Resort, LA?

Just when you think a small hotel room in Malaysia, that costs around RM100+ is expensive, this resort is charging $100k (approx. RM400k) per night!!! Introducing the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas - the world most expensive hotel in history! The resort just completed their renovations for two years long and spent, according to rumours, 1 billion dollars. [...]