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7 red lipstick lessons from Yang Mi

Instagram/yangmi_ A swipe of red lippy can instantly elevate your look, but the wrong shade and application method can add years to your face and wash you out. With that in mind, we’re turning to our red lip role model Chinese actress for tips and tricks to make sure our pouts are always on-point. Whether you’re [...]

Dylan Kuo and His “Eternal Love of Dream” Co-Star Ma Zehan Make Their Romance Official

Dylan Kuo and his girlfriend Ma Zehan just made their relationship “Instagram Official” (except it’s on Weibo) when they both shared at the same time super sweet photos of them celebrating her turning 25 today. “Words can’t fully express what’s in my heart, sincerely and intentionally I Love You Forever @MaZehan” captioned the Taiwanese actor. Meanwhile, actress [...]

Zheng Shuang Found Guilty of Tax Evasion, Her Ex Who First Accused Her Is Also Being Investigated

Zheng Shuang saw her career come to a halt after being accused of abandoning her two children born through surrogacy in the United States since her relationship with ex Zhang Heng went south. Back in April, Zheng Shuang admitted that she was also under investigation for tax evasion. Zheng Shuang Fined $46 million On August 27, CCTV news reported that Shanghai tax [...]

Zhang Yuqi Quits “Meeting Mr. Right” After Being Angered Over How Her Boyfriend Was Depicted on the Reality Show

Kitty Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend Li Bingxi, a violinist 8 years her junior, are regulars on Meeting Mr. Right 女儿们的恋爱4. Now on its fourth season, the pair made their relationship public when they signed on for the show. Prior to this, rumours of Zhang Yuqi’s new romance emerged after the pair was spotted holding hands. However, the [...]

Zheng Shuang Resurfaces Months After Her Scandal with An Apology, A Statement Addressing Allegations and a Warning to Her Ex

Amidst all the media attention on Kris Wu’s scandal this past week, here’s an unexpected development from disgraced actress Zheng Shuang who recently resurfaced to address the rumours surrounding her and also to personally apologise for the surrogacy issue that basically ended her career. Now is it just me or is the timing a bit too coincidental now that the public’s [...]

Jelly Lin is the New Salvatore Ferragamo Global Brand Ambassador

The 25-year-old Jelly Lin who has become known as a “Sing Girl” having started her career working alongside Stephen Chow in the 2016 blockbuster film Mermaid has a new identity with Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo. Jelly Lin has been associated with the brand early on in her career having been an ambassador for their Signorina perfume in 2017 and having attended [...]

XIN Liu Celebrates Birthday with “FOURTRY” Cast Mates William Chan and Grace Chow

XIN Liu Yuxin (刘雨昕) has shot to stardom since impressing viewers for being an all-around performer in the girl group survival reality show Youth with You 2. She has also amassed many celebrity fans like Hong Kong singer Yumiko Cheng and Chinese actresses Fair Xing Fei and Adi Kan Qingzi.  It’s been a year since the show aired, and XIN Liu has [...]

Zhao Lusi Spotted Liking Douyin Videos Throwing Shade at Other Celebs, Turns Out Her Phone was Stolen

Zhao Lusi recently trended for liking and sharing a post dissing singer-actress Wu Xuanyi that says, “Wu Xuanyi can’t compete with Zhao Lusi.” It Wasn’t Her The video compilation claimed that Wu Xuanyi’s resources are not as good as Zhao Lusi, that she doesn’t have acting projects to film and can only stick to variety shows and that the [...]

Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng File for Divorce After Less than Three Years of Marriage

Zanilia Zhao Liying and William Feng Shaofeng’s story has been full of surprises. The two stars who never confirmed the rumors surrounding them suddenly announced during Zhao Liying’s birthday on October 16, 2018 that they’ve gotten married. They confirmed the pregnancy rumors on New Year’s Day in 2019 and shared the happy news that has Zhao Liying has [...]

Guan Xiaotong’s Annual Birthday Greeting to BF Luhan Proves Their Relationship is Still Going Strong

Together: “Happy Birthday @ Luhan” writes his girlfriend Guan Xiaotong on 23:31 Whoa. Birthday boy Luhan and girlfriend Guan Xiaotong were in for a bit of drama yesterday when breakup rumours swirling around the couple grew louder after it was noted that she failed to give her usual birthday greeting at midnight on April 20th. In previous years, Guan Xiaotong [...]