The Linc KL: 8 Instagrammable Mural Spots & Creative Installations

The Linc KL: 8 Instagrammable Mural Spots & Creative Installations

Many of you may not have heard of The Linc KL. It’s a brand new retail destination that offers a different atmosphere than other malls.

Let’s take a look at 8 Instagrammable spots in the venue that are worth checking out:

1. Kuala Lumpur Cityscape











  • Artists: Choo Sew Ling (Malaysian), Wee Ra and Min Yin Thant (Myanmar)
  • Emulsion paint on plastered wall
  • Art description: The KL Cityscape mural depicts multiculturalism formed by its three main ethnic communities – the Malays, Chinese and Indians. The mural also brings out the tallest twin buildings in Malaysia, Petronas Twin Towers, which has since become an iconic symbol of Malaysia.


2. Mail Box












  • Artist: Lim Anuar (Malaysian)
  • Acrylic paint on plastered wall
  • Art description: This mural art, created at the colourful mailbox area, depicts the story of Pigeon Post of using homing pigeons to carry letters and messages.


3. Bird Houses













  • Artist: Charles Chee (Malaysian)
  • Oil-based paint on Chengal Wood
  • Art description: The inspiration of the “Small Bird House With Many Houses’’ comes with the meaning of celebration and unity. “The Owl’’ mural brings a close relationship with the “Big Bird House“ as it is home to “The Owl”.


4. The Owl
















  • Artist: Amarul Abdullah (Malaysian)
  • Acrylic paint on plastered wall
  • Art description: Some ancient cultures see the owl as a bird of wisdom and sometimes good luck. Here at The Linc, the giant guardian owl brings you awe, happiness and inspiration, allowing us to rethink of it as an adorable creature to be loved instead of the misunderstood spooky-related animal of the dark.


5. Tropical Floral














  • Artist: Amarul Abdullah (Malaysian)
  • Acrylic paint on plastered wall
  • Art description: This piece brings the theme of tropical garden flowers and plants such as heliconia and other soft-stem species that surround and complement the dominant tree at the centre of the area.


6. Luna Lana













  • Artist: Stephanie Ng (Malaysian)
  • Merino Wool, LED light bulb
  • Art description: The Luna Lana is comprised of the colourful rainbow staircase and pendant lights knitted in soft merino woollen sleeves. The LED globes is to give an impression of fireflies lighting up the sky at dusk.


7. The Tree














  • Artist: Yip Yew Chong (Singaporean)
  • Spray, acrylic and emulsion paints on plastered wall
  • Art description: The mural aims to immerse the building to The Tree, mankind to nature, as well as the present to the past. The hanging roots of The Tree are particularly inspired by the dripping-paint technique used throughout the painting. Have fun spotting the variety of flora and fauna!


8. Origami Art Installation














  • Artist: By the staff from Property Division
  • Comprise from 41,600 colourful paper doves
  • Art description: There are a total of 40 colours that brings this unique Origami Art Installation to life. This artwork, which took 6 months to complete, is meant to celebrate peace, love, harmony, and unity.


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