62yo S’wakian Man Brutally Slashed To DEATH By Beggar When He Refused To Give Him RM10

62yo S’wakian Man Brutally Slashed To DEATH By Beggar When He Refused To Give Him RM10

When you’re at your lowest, you can go nowhere but up. That’s what some people will think, given the fact that when you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel and things just simply can’t get any worse for you. So you’ll probably do all you can to get yourself out of that situation.

At least, that’s what most people would do. But for some, poverty only inspires greed and desperation, driving them to commit crimes. In a case reported by China Pressa man who tried to beg for RM10 from a chicken merchant wound up killing him when the other man refused to give him any money. 

Source: China Press

In the savage attack which happened in Sarawak, the victim, a 62-year-old man who had been a chicken supplier that often made deliveries to his customers, was approached by the 36-year-old Indonesian suspect at an open-air car park. The suspect then proceeded to beg for RM10 from the chicken supplier, hoping to buy a ticket back to his hometown. The deceased refused to give him anything. Initial investigations by the police report that the suspect didn’t know the deceased.

Source: YouTube

Angered by the chicken merchant’s refusal to give him the money, both men then got into a heated argument. But what happened after can only be described as brutal, as the beggar then took a kitchen knife and started slashing at the chicken supplier! 

Despite trying to escape, the deceased wound up being held back by the suspect and was unfortunately slashed to a point of critical injury. By the time medical staff had arrived on the scene, the chicken supplier had already passed away. When he was found, the white shirt he had worn had turned bright red from his own blood.

The suspect was thankfully apprehended by police after two residents at a residential area reported seeing him there. Medical officers reported that the deceased’s body had sustained wounds before and after his death. The case is currently being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

We hope that the suspect will be prosecuted to the harshest extent of the law for his horrific crime, and that the deceased will be able to rest in peace. 

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