Penang Couple Caught Having Sex In Car Crashed Into Longkang Trying To Escape Police

Penang Couple Caught Having Sex In Car Crashed Into Longkang Trying To Escape Police

For those who enjoy TV and movies, you’re probably very familiar with the scene of two lovers getting hot and steamy in their car. In fact, this trope is so overused in media, designated places in real life have been described as being ‘lover’s lanes’, given the amount of couples they attract to ahem ahem.

But what you do is your own business lah. Unless of course, you get caught. Which is exactly what happened to this young couple in Butterworth, as reported by China Press and Harian Metro.

The incident, which involved a 19-year-old man and his 25-year-old lover, occurred in Butterworth, Penang when they were caught getting ‘intimate’ in their own car by the police. So as you can probably predict, when the policeman came knocking, the driver of the car freaked out completely and sped away in a panic. Haiyo, you dig a deeper hole for yourself la.

Source: Harian Metro

Naturally, the police gave chase the moment the couple tried to escape, thinking they had committed some horrible crime. While heading towards the Bagan Ajam Toll Plaza, the driver then lost control of the car, which slammed into a toll-booth railing, hitting a passing motorcyclist, before landing into a drain filled with water.

Source: Harian Metro
Source: China Press

Thankfully, the couple were saved from their car by the policemen who were chasing after them, and did not appear to suffer from any serious injuries. The motorcyclist that they crashed into however, broke his foot during the incident and had to be sent to hospital.

The couple were reportedly both students from Giat MARA College and tested negative for drug/substance abuse. The case will be investigated under Section 42(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for reckless driving.

Well, we hope that this provides a pretty good lesson for these two! Let this be a reminder that doing the deed is probably best left behind closed doors, and not a car! 

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