Jeph Loeb Reportedly Exiting Marvel TV as Kevin Feige Takes Over as Chief Creative Officer

Jeph Loeb Reportedly Exiting Marvel TV as Kevin Feige Takes Over as Chief Creative Officer

The slow and extremely tragic death of Marvel TV might’ve just reached its Thanos Snap moment, as Jeph Loeb is reportedly on his way out the door in the middle of Kevin Fiege‘s ascent toward the top. Signs of the small-screen Marvel venture’s downfall have been in the tea leaves for a while now, starting with Netflix’s Defenders Universe—DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage, and Iron Fist—being canceled one by one. Then plans for a live-action Ghost Rider series on Hulu got the ax, reports hinted that Marvel TV would shift its focus to animation, and absolutely none of this was helped along by the fact that Disney+ is planning its own Marvel TV series with mega-budgets to rival the MCU.


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As of right now, there are still plans for a live-action Hellstrom series on Hulu, along with the animated shows MODOKHoward the DuckHit-Monkey, and Tigra and Dazzler. Loeb, is reportedly on the hunt for an overall deal with another company, presumably one that’s chill with a major executive showing up at Comic-Con doing very bad karate man schtick.

For real, though, this is kind of a bummer no matter what you think of Loeb. Those Netflix series, starting with the stellar first season of Daredevil, ushered in a new era of live-action Marvel stories. Under Loeb’s leadership, the MCU got a dark corner to tell gritty, street-level tales about heroes who felt human. It also got Inhumans, which, woof, what a freaking mess. Remember Medusa’s wig? What was going on there? Again, woof. But still, still, this is certainly the end of an era. A messy, uneven era, but an era all the same.

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