‘PRODUCE 48’ ‘내 타입’ sung by Miyu will be released on the 23rd

‘PRODUCE 48’ ‘내 타입’ sung by Miyu will be released on the 23rd

-Takeuchi Miyu, ‘Monthly Yoon Jong-shin’ October issue ‘내 타입’ sang in Korean
-YoonJongShin “Singer Miyu, who goes well with City Pop, is really good at Korean practice and singing”
-Miyu starring in the eighties starring MV! Innocent visual

Singer YoonJongShin’s Monthly Music Project October 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 ‘내 타입’ will be released at 6 pm on the 23rd.

‘내 타입’ is a confession of Kang Soo-ji’s ‘보랏빛 향기’ sensation, sung by Takeuchi Miyu, who entered the finals at Mnet ‘PRODUCE 48’ and captured Korean fans.

YoonJongShin said, “This song was made two years ago when I wrote a lot of city pops and was recommended by Miyu while looking for a good singer.” Good job, “he said.

In the music video released the day before, Miyu appeared in a pure and clean image reminiscent of a teen star in the 80’s.

In addition, the lyrics contain the courage to say ‘You are my type’, and you can feel Miyu’s effort in Korean pronunciation, which is not awkward in the song.

‘내 타입’ was originally scheduled to be released in July, but was temporarily delayed due to fears that the song might not be evaluated as the song itself, as the relationship between Japan and Japan deteriorated at that time.

YoonJongShin said, “If you look back, I thought I was too cautious, but at the time of the release, the atmosphere wasn’t like that.” , I want to cheer for that dream. ”

The October issue ‘내 타입’, featuring retro emotions summoning memories and the elegant voice of Miyu, will be released on the music site at 6 pm on the 23rd.

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