Joe Flizzow To Tie The Knot With Marini Ramlan In Early 2020

Joe Flizzow To Tie The Knot With Marini Ramlan In Early 2020

Do we hear wedding bells for Joe Flizzow and his leading lady, Marini Ramlan?

According to his mum Aishah Ali, the couple is set to walk down the aisle early next year. Apparently the 40-year-old rapper from Subang is finally ready to settle down.

So why now?

About a month ago, he was appointed as the managing director of Def Jam South East Asia. I personally think that only after this achievement that he is now ready for marriage,” Aishah recently told reporters.

A former reporter herself (she previously worked at News Strait Times), she shared that although no exact date for the solemnisation has been revealed yet, it’s likely to happen in the coming months. Joe (real name Johan Ishak) had already went through “merisik”.

In case you don’t know, “merisik” refers to a Malay tradition where the man’s family (or representatives) informally enquires the lady’s hand in marriage and to seek her family’s consent to their union.

Source: Instagram

Marini graduated from University of Central England in Birmingham where she enrolled in visual comm. She worked as TV3 assistant producer before becoming Primeworks Studios’ General Manager for Innovation & Distribution.

She’s now doing her own thing with her own content design company Serendipity-Asia.

Source: NST.

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