Monsta X’s Wonho Reportedly Owes Jung Daeun’s Money; Agency Responds

Monsta X’s Wonho Reportedly Owes Jung Daeun’s Money; Agency Responds

Korean actress Jung Daeun (정다은) recently came out with a shocking post online claiming that Monsta X member Wonho (원호) still owes her a large sum of money.

In her latest Instagram update, she posted a picture of the K-pop idol on television along with the caption, “Hoseok (Wonho’s real name), when are you going to pay back my money? Hahaha.”

Jung Daeun

She also replied to the same post by writing, “It annoys me after seeing him on TV. As soon as I find out his number, he disappears,” claiming that Wonho would avoid her whenever she tried to contact him. According to Koreaboo, the 26-year-old singer was close friends with Jung Daeun. They even appeared together in a show called “Allzzang Generation”.

Additionally, Han Seohee commented that Wonho still has yet to pay an amount of 30,000,000 won that he had borrowed from her girlfriend since the past 6 years. It’s also reported that many of their friends have confirmed the truth about the story.

Wonho’s home agency, Starship Entertainment, has since stepped in to deny all the allegations surrounding their artist. In this case, they will not bother to respond to all the false claims. “After confirming the details, we found that the story is not true at all. We don’t feel the need to respond to all her claims,” the company wrote in an official statement.

What do you think of the issue between Daeun and Wonho? Do you think she was just messing around with him or is it actually the other way around? Share with us your thoughts.

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