Shazwan Zafran Apologises To Azfar Firdaus Following Massive Backlash

Shazwan Zafran Apologises To Azfar Firdaus Following Massive Backlash

Things turned sour when social media influencer Azfar Firdaus had an encounter with his former bully Shazwan Zafran earlier this week. For the uninitiated, both of them appeared as guests on TV3’s “Malaysia Hari Ini” on Monday (28th October).

During one part of the interview, Azfar claimed that Shazwan had posted a controversial tweet directed at the activist-fashion model in the past. As a result, the 22-year-old gym freak has been receiving a massive amount of negative comments from everyone.

As a response to the backlash, Shazwan finally came up with a series of statement on Twitter to clarify the whole situation. He opened the thread by expressing his gratitude towards the people at Media Prima for inviting him to the show. He added that he took some time off to reflect on his previous posts on social media.

He then addressed the confrontation between him and Azfar during the live recording. According to Shazwan, if it wasn’t for Azfar speaking out, he wouldn’t have realised his past mistakes in posting reckless tweets online.

Even though some netizens expressed their lack of satisfaction towards Azfar for embarrassing Shazwan on live TV, Shazwan believed that his actions on that day served as a wake up call for him to not repeat the same mistake. He also expressed regrets for not being able to apologise to Azfar properly during the show, as he stated that he was “caught off guard” by his statement.

He concluded the thread by ensuring that he will make a better use of social media in the future. In addition, he will carry on with his passion to educate others on fitness and bodybuilding motivation.

As a response to Shazwan’s tweet, Azfar replied to his post, thanking him for his apology statement. He also shared his hopes that both of them will be able to learn from their past mistakes. Not only that, he also invited Shazwan for a coffee session together. How sweet!

We hope that the incident between both of them can be taken as a lesson for everyone to use social media platforms wisely after this.


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