Raymond Lam’s Younger Brother Takes Over the Family Business

Raymond Lam’s Younger Brother Takes Over the Family Business

With a company amounting to over HKD 2 billion in assets, Raymond Lam’s (林峯) father, Lam Kwok Wah (林國華), has been hoping his sons would soon take over his business. Hailed as the richest man in Xiamen, Kwok Wah is one of the largest real estate developers in his native Xiamen, partly thanks to his father Lam Mung Fei (林夢飛), who was a notable patriotic figure with a lot of connections.

Celebrated as an honorary citizen of Xiamen alongside Run Run Shaw (邵逸夫), Kwok Wah has many housing estates and shopping malls in Mainland China and invested about HKD400 million in technical research and experiments. The successor of his real estate kingdom is said to be Raymond’s younger brother Rockefeller Lam (林逸洺).

New “Hot Property”

The 28-year-old Rockefeller studied business at the University of Southern California, and after graduation, he stayed by his father’s side to learn the ways of business. His father deems him as very important, so he was left in charge of the majority of the family business due to his savvy networking skills and smart management of the shopping malls.

About two or three years ago, he dipped his toes into the entertainment industry in Xiamen and developed his own kingdom. He invested HKD10 million to open the tens of thousands of square feet nightclub, Raven, at Shimao International Plaza in Xiamen.

His interest in the entertainment industry can be attributed to his love for music. It is known that he formed a band with his friends while studying abroad. Moreover, he can play the guitar, owns his mix track DJ software set at home, and even guest DJ-ed at various clubs.

Hence, Raymond is handing down this “hot property” title to the multi-talented Rockefeller after Raymond officially announced his engagement to the 29-year-old Mainland model Carina Zhang (張馨月).


Source: Eastweek


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