7yo Sabah Girl Critically Wounded By A Wild Dog On Her Way Back From School

7yo Sabah Girl Critically Wounded By A Wild Dog On Her Way Back From School

Will there be no end to this issue?

The nation is divided when wild dogs are in question, and while lately the violence has been restricted to humans attacking dogs, this case happens to highlight the opposite, which is often the argument made by those defending those who cruelly kill stray and wild dogs.

According to Berita Harian, a Standard 1 primary school girl was critically injured when a wild dog attacked on the way back home from school last Friday, Nov 15th. The attack occurred around 1pm when students of Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Lipasu, Ranau, were walking back home and the girl was travelling with her friends in a group.

However, around 300 meters from the school, a wild dog appeared out of nowhere and started to chase the group of kids, causing them to race back to the school.

Sadly, one of them fell behind and became a victim of the dog’s vicious attacks.

The rest of the students who successfully ran back into the school reported the mishap to a security guard and went together to the scene to save the girl. The security guard then took the girl back into the school area before she was sent to the hospital.

Source: Berita Harian

Meanwhile, Sabah Education Director, Sr Mistrine Radin confirmed that the girl was sent to Sabah Women and Children Hospital by her teacher.

Reportedly, the victim’s father would routinely pick her up from school, but he was late on the day of the event.

The poor girl. While this is one case where wild dogs were violent towards humans and not the usual vice versa, we should really think of a way to compassionately save both wild dogs and the public from harm. 

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