K-pop Star Amber Under Fire For Insensitive Racial Comments

K-pop Star Amber Under Fire For Insensitive Racial Comments

The K in K-pop does stand for Korean, but often at times the artists involved in the industry happen to be of many other nationalities and ethnicities. One of them, for example, would be Amber Liu. A starlet who exploded on the scene with her girl group, f(x), under SM Entertainment, Amber grew to be a fun, well-loved idol known by all. So it was rather shocking to see her name trending on Twitter in a negative light.

The American-born Chinese star found herself in hot water only minutes ago, as a clip of her talking about a racially charged situation (where a black man was handcuffed by a white policeman, simply for eating a sandwich at a train station) on a radio show went viral.

Amber has since released an official statement regarding the issue where she addressed her mistake and apologised for it.

Fans are quick to jump to the star’s defense but this issue tackles at a bigger problem that Americans have, and they are not about to let her off the hook that easily.

“Amber” is currently the number 1 worldwide trend, as Americans everywhere seem to be contributing their two cents in regards to the issue. While the backlash that Amber received from her initial statement may seem justifiable, it also makes us wonder why is it that celebrities who are misinformed or ignorant about social issues feel the need to voice out their opinions on such huge platforms. Amber has over 2.4 million Twitter followers, which is also what adds to the rage felt by the black community.

As K-pop fans face the conflict of wanting to forgive their idols but also feeling the need to ‘cancel’ them for problematic behaviour, it’s an interesting turn of events. #AmberLiuIsOverParty is also a growing hashtag under the plenty of replies to the pop star’s apology, as are fans begging others to leave the idol alone.

Regardless, we can always expect this reply whenever anything seems to break out on Twitter:

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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