Chinese YouTuber MrYang Slammed By M’sian Netizens For Mocking Our Unique Speaking Style

Chinese YouTuber MrYang Slammed By M’sian Netizens For Mocking Our Unique Speaking Style

Malaysians are indifferent about many things, but we ARE specially particular about our food and slang! So, when there is someone making fun of our food or unique speaking style, he must prepare to get a backlash.

Chinese influencer, Mr Yang’s YouTube channel has been stormed by Malaysian netizens after a video of him allegedly mocking Malaysians go viral on the internet. The Chinese YouTuber gained fame for his fun and humorous way of teaching English on YouTube. Viewers are always entertained by his funny way of saying his catchphrase ‘Don’t do that~’.

But his recent video on ‘Weird Things in Malaysia’ has offended Malaysian netizens, with some accusing him of mocking our slang. The YouTuber is seen to share in the video things he found weird about Malaysia. This includes the word ‘Walao’ , a popular exclamation of amazement similar to ‘OMG’ we use to express our feeling of surprise or disbelief. But the way Mr Yang describes it annoyed a lot of netizens. There are also remarks on how the word is not used among all Malaysians and it actually originates from Singapore.

这个mr yang 这样形容马来西亚人是坐等被屌

Posted by Fanny Fan on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Other ‘weird things’ also include the Rojak Language we are so proud of, the belief in the miraculous healing ability of the isotonic drink, 100 PLUS and the never-accurate weather forecast. Netizens have since uploaded the video on Malaysian Facebook Groups, and hashtagged ‘waiting for him to get slammed’.

Netizens claim that the YouTuber has been exaggerating on the issue and has mistaken about the origin of Walao. However, not all Malaysians are that aggressive. Some commented that the video was just for entertaining purpose, which it has served brilliantly, and the examples he showed were right. It is learned that Mr Yang has removed the video.

However, it is up to us to accept others’ opinions open-mindedly. Walao is indeed our slang, and the Rojak Language indicates that we Malaysians speak many different languages, while not using left hand when receiving things is a respectful gesture. So, what do you think about foreigners commenting on our unique style that surprise them?


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