Indonesia Wants To Promote Their Penis Enlargement Massage As Part Of Tourism

Indonesia Wants To Promote Their Penis Enlargement Massage As Part Of Tourism

Each country has its own specialities which are unique to themselves, and Malaysia is no different!

Malaysia is famous for its melting pot of food and beautiful islands, while Thailand is also famous for signature spicy food and night markets. On the other hand, Indonesia wants to promote their penis enlargement massage, “Mak Erot”, as part of their tourism strategy!

According to Malay Mail, Indonesia’s health minister has announced that their country should start capitalising on the manhood enlarging massage. The minister has also said that the massage is a national asset with high potential to attract tourists.

Other than that, he also said that they should popularise traditional medicine as well because they have an “incredible herbal medicine industry that no one knows about”.

Expanding on that, he says that Tongkat Ali, Purwaceng (something similar to viagra) and Mak Erot have a lot of potential to boost medical tourism.

“If we package it correctly, foreigners will be interested.”

Source: Shades of Green

He also brings up “kerok” which is something like “gua sha”, where they use a coin and rub your back which will be covered with menthol ointment. It is said that this practice improves blood and oxygen circulation.

To finish, he said this as well:

“There are many other cultural gems that we have not exploited because we take them for granted, but to foreigners, it’s something intriguing.”

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