Godfrey Gao Was Going To Be A Groomsman At His Pal’s Wedding On Friday

Godfrey Gao Was Going To Be A Groomsman At His Pal’s Wedding On Friday

Celebrities have taken to social media to express their grief and mourn the passing of Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao, who died from cardiac arrest while filming Chinese variety show Catch Me this morning (Nov 27).

Godfrey was set to be one of the groomsmen for former Taiwanese basketball star James Mao who is getting married to stylist Tiffany Lo this Friday. In memory of his late pal, James posted this message on his IG story:

This is not how it’s supposed to be. We [were] supposed to go snowboarding in February. I’m supposed to see you in two days. We’re supposed to grow old together. Why are you leaving me so early? I love you always my brother. I’m heartbroken and speechless. We will have a glass of whiskey again one day together. Rest in Heaven.

Taiwanese star Sunny Wang posted a pic of him and Godfrey at an awards show from back in the day.

“RIP Godfrey. I still can’t believe it while I’m writing this. We had quite an interesting path to becoming friends, and only we will know. You were one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever [known]. I respect you G. My condolences to your family, friends and loved ones. Rest well G,” he wrote.

Taiwanese singer Christine Fan and her husband Blackie Chen both posted black pictures on Instagram. “Heartbroken,” Christine wrote, while Blackie captioned his pic: “This is so sad… You’re just like an angel on earth.

The Yanxi Palace actor was chummy with Godfrey and they had travelled together to France recently. In fact, the late star even showed off his photography skills.

”He took these photos, and even said that he [would] show me around LA [when I go there] next time. Life is fragile and strong, cruel and compassionate at the same time. Rest in peace my friend,” Lawrence wrote.

“I am so sad… Your sincerity, your hardwork, your humbleness, your peace-loving ways, your good, how you’re not aware of how good you are. I can’t believe [your death] is real, but you have flown away. My dear Godfrey, Rest in Peace, the newly married model-actress wrote.

In a Facebook status update, Xiao S wrote: “So sad! Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have left me! We’ll see each other again!”

Shu Qi, who acted in the 2019 movie Shanghai Fortress with Godfrey, posted this black and white pic of the late actor along with this message: “Rest in Peace.”

The Taiwanese actor also uploaded a black picture, along with a prayer emoji.

“I can’t believe this, I can’t accept this… No way,” wrote Singaporean-New Zealander model Vivian Dawson, who was pals with Godfrey.

Taiwan-based local singer Huang Jinglun offered his condolences to his pal.

“Goodbye my friend. I really can’t believe this. God must’ve been jealous [of your talents]. RIP. See you again, brother.”

The Hongkong singer wrote: “What a pity. Heartbroken. I’m really sad,” on Weibo.

Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang also posted a black pic on Instagram along with the broken heart and crying emoji.

JJ Lin may not have captioned the black picture he posted on IG but everyone knew what he meant.

“Please take care of yourself. As a fan, we won’t ask anything else from you. We just want you to be safe and healthy,” wrote a fan.

“Life is fragile. RIP, my big boy, wrote the model-actress.

“I can’t accept this,” Mark wrote on Weibo.

Angelababy offered her condolences with three broken heart emojis and three candle emojis.


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