Superheroes Switch To Work As Teachers?

Superheroes Switch To Work As Teachers?

Schools around the world have been closed after being affected by COVID-19.

In order to attract students to take online classes, a Bolivian visual arts teacher, Manolo Villarroel, dressed as different superheroes such as Captain America, Spider-Man and others grab the attention of his students. Besides, it is also a method for him to realize his childhood dreams.

Photo Source: HT Media

Villarroel said that students should concentrate on the class, and the most important thing is that teachers should also change to enter their world.

Therefore, Villarroel spent a lot of time to make superheroes’ clothing and dress up as Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man and other superheroes.

His students always sit on time every day and look forward to the class to see which superhero the teacher turns into.

Photo Source: HT Media

He will warm up before teaching, and then play the theme music of related superheroes to create a learning atmosphere.

Villaroel said with a smile that his class is very popular, and the siblings of his students will also compete for laptop computers, looking forward to seeing which superhero he turned into that day.

However, he also said that and online teaching is not popular enough because the local Internet is expensive, and not all students can learn online.

Source: HT Media

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