KFC Promotion: Dinner Plate At RM15 For One Day Only!

KFC Promotion: Dinner Plate At RM15 For One Day Only!

Black Friday is upon us, churning up sales far and wide in celebration of the occasion. This also includes one company that we’re all too familiar with, KFC.

They decided the best way to celebrate the special occasion is by offering up a promotion on their signature dinner plate combo. So on Friday (29th November 2019), prepare to treat yourself to a plate of their signature meal at only RM15.


Source: Emo Banana Boy

Seeing how this is a black friday promotion, it means that the deal will only last for one day only. The time for the deal will be limited to between 10am to 10pm, so apologies to those that are midnight snackers.

In order to redeem the promotion, all you have to do is show the poster to the cashier and that’s it. However, there are some locations that won’t have this promotion though; such as KFC outlets that are located in airports, Genting Highlands, and Mall of Medina stores.


If you ever find yourself searching for a meal tomorrow, why not check out KFC and their wonderful promotion for a dining experience that have you licking your fingers.

Psst, here’s another Black Friday food promo.


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