How long have you been dating? Here are the characteristics of an “old married couple!

How long have you been dating? Here are the characteristics of an “old married couple!

After a couple ended their ‘love bubble’ stage, they tend to enter the ‘old married couple’ phrase. From the stage where you take care of your image carefully in front of each other to the phrase where you can relax and be the real you. This usually happens to married couples or couples who have been in a relationship for a long period of time. So here is a list of characteristics of the ‘old married couple’ relationship!


1. Love is simple and bland everyday

Compared to eating, drinking, and having fun together at the beginning of the dating period, you guys prefer wearing comfortable home clothes, watching movies, cooking together, playing games, and enjoying a casual date at home rather than going on a fancy date.

2. You got used to each other’s flaws

Snoring loudly, drooling and yelling. It’s totally different as compared to the beginning of your relationship. You would not surprised to see him or her wearing granny underwear and walking around in the house. You will find that you no longer have the need to maintain the perfect image in front of each other.

3. Know their likes and dislikes

You don’t have to spell out every like and dislike, he or she will know because they understand you, more than you do. Though the years of being with each other, you have a deep understanding of each other’s daily preferences and have established an extraordinary tacit understanding.

4. Think of the other person when you are frustrated

They have a high degree of trust in each other. When they are frustrated or in a bad mood, they want to throw themselves into each other’s arms. In front of him or her, you know that you can show your vulnerable side regardless of everything because he or she is the one who loves you unconditionally.

5. You started to copy each other

It’s not just the appearance and style of dressing, but also the mantra and tone of talking. You will find that your look is somehow similar to your other half, along with the dressing style, the speaking tone and slowly the two of you will start to look like each other, like twins!

6. No more surprise elements

During the beginning of your relationship, you tend to plan surprises because it is romantic! It’s good to stay that way but in the ‘old married couple’ relationship, they will pay more attention to the practicality of gifts, for example, they are more inclined to give the other half something that they can use in daily life, instead of gifts that look pretty.

7. Have a certain consensus on the future and let the other party integrate into their own life circle

When you love someone, you will include him or her in your future. You often talk to each other about the future and have a certain degree of consensus on the future life. You will integrate each other into your family, friends and other life circles.

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