【Frozen 2】6 Hidden Details that You Might Have Missed

【Frozen 2】6 Hidden Details that You Might Have Missed

Elsa and Anna are back with more adventurous spirit in Frozen 2! The new sequel to Frozen is in the theater starting from Nov 21 with new characters.

Frozen 2’s exciting plot and touching scenes have brought excitements and tears to us. Their new theme song “Into the Unknown” is so gonna brainwash us this year end!

So, we’ve listed 6 details that you might have missed when watching the movie. Read on to see if you noticed them!

~Elsa and Anna’s new look~

Both Elsa and Anna looked beautiful and elegant in their dresses in the first Frozen movie. But as the sisters travel through woods and water in Frozen 2, they had to, at least, wear boots and cloaks instead. Elsa’s blue outfit even makes her more of the queen than she already is, while her purple deep-V dress exudes her femininity and confidence. Furthermore, their different hairstyles than that in Frozen also make them more lady-like.

~Mickey Mouse makes its surprising appearance~

Did you notice the iconic Disney character “showed up” several times in the movie? The first time is when Olaf imitates Mickey by placing 2 buttons on its head. And when Elsa is doing her magic, Mickey Mouse actually appeared as the patterns of the enchantment.

~New characters~

Besides our favourite Frozen characters, there are also new characters joining the Frozen 2 cast. Among the elemental spirits that represent Air, Fire, Water and Earth, Bruni the salamander is the most popular new character. This cute critter in the Enchanted Forest that is as adorable as Olaf and has the ability to control fire loves to stay on Elsa’s icy palm to cool down a bit.

~Other Disney characters are also in the movie~

Frozen 2 started with the scene where young Elsa and Anna are playing on their bed. Elsa builds a little snowman with her toys and it’s easy to notice that those toys are actually other Disney characters, including Dumbo and Baymax from Big Hero!

~Post-credits scene with Olaf the story-teller~

After the closing theme song, Olaf shows up to briefly recap the story of Frozen 2 to other snowmen and concludes “And thus, I live, and so do you”.

~The first Disney princess (or queen) without a love interest~

Frozen breaks new ground for Disney’s princess-romance stories as Elsa is not defined by a romance interest. But we as fans are truly looking forward to meeting the one person who would be there to protect Elsa, don’t we?

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