Godfrey Gao’s Body Transported Back To Taiwan; Funeral Set On 15th December

Godfrey Gao’s Body Transported Back To Taiwan; Funeral Set On 15th December

Godfrey Gao (高以翔) is finally back home in Taiwan; although not the way anyone intended.

The 35-year-old model-actor passed away last Wednesday (27th November) after he collapse while filming Chinese reality show “Chase Me” (追我吧) in Ningbo, China.

Source: Reuters

According to reports, Godfrey’s body was transferred out of Hangzhou Funeral House yesterday morning (Monday, 2nd December) where it was preserved, and transported to Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport for a flight to Taiwan.

Godfrey’s second brother Charles oversaw the procedure to get his casket from China to Taiwan. His family and 23-year-old girlfriend Bella Su were also spotted receiving his coffin in grief. Their mum Mrs Gao has also selected a smiling photo of him for his funeral.

Source: Sin Chew

Here’s a better look at the official photo:

Source: Sin Chew

Godfrey’s management agency Jetstar Entertainment announced that the late actor-model’s funeral will take place next Sunday on 15th December. His body will be buried in Chin Pao San Cemetry, a private cemetery in New Taipei. Celebrities like Teresa Teng (鄧麗君), King Hu (胡金銓), and Li Tien-lu (李天祿) were also laid to rest there.

His Penang-born mother selected the photo of Godfrey with his trademark smile because she hopes that friends and fans will remember him for his warm personality and kind spirit. It’s also a testament to all the heartwarming stories about him that came to light recently.

Source: Sin Chew

Sin Chew reported that fans will be allowed to pay their respects and bid Godfrey farewell on 6th December from 10am till 5pm.

Sources: Sin ChewJayne StarsStrait Times.


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