Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Trolls Him With Marvel Gift Wrapper

Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Trolls Him With Marvel Gift Wrapper

Martin Scorsese obviously doesn’t fancy superhero blockbusters, but his daughter found a way to get back at her father. Boy, what a delicious burn!

As we’re all aware, the iconic director has sparked quite the controversy when he said that Marvel movies – the biggest film franchise at the time – were not real cinema. This was said during his interview with Empire magazine back in October.

Source: Deadline

The comment, for obvious reasons, did not sit well with many fans, with some of the biggest names in Hollywood voicing their disagreement. While things have since been dial down, Martin’s own daughter, Francesca, playfully trolled her father during this holiday season.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the 20-year-old actress revealed her Christmas present to her father, wrapped completely in Marvel-theme wrapping. She even captioned the post with “Look at what I am wrapping my Dad’s X-mas gifts in”, that showed her playful nature amidst all the backlash her father got.

The gift wrapper for Martin featured Marvel heroes such as Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man, Iron Man and Thor. Francesca even bought more than one roll, you know, just in case she ran out. We’re sure the filmmaker will see the humour in this prank.

Check out the actress’s Instagram story post below:

Source: Instagram @francesca.scorsese

Christmas may be over but we’re stealing Francesca’s idea to prank our friends next ?

Source: Deadline.


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