What do you know about Artificial Intelligence?

What do you know about Artificial Intelligence?

It is undeniable that we are living in an environment with high technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

First of all, WHAT IS AI?

Apparently, most people today view AI as a robotics concept but it essentially includes broader technology such as search engines, speech recognition, learning/gaming structures, and object detection. AI application has the potential to enhance human daily lives. The companies study the needs of the

consumers, as well as, other fields. This article mainly discusses the implications of AI on retailers and consumers.


AI FOR RETAILERS: AI allows retailers to make more accurate business decisions. For example, AI allows retailers to save operation costs because the retailer can now enhance their customer service by incorporating chatbots via Facebook Messenger and only uses human respondents if the issue is much more complicated.

Besides, the retailer can now use AI to reduce the improbability of stock level maintenance through variables such as marketplace and consumer demand and supply chain supervision. Moreover, AI helps the retailer to reduce hiring costs and attrition because AI helps to assess the employee’s attribute and performance history.

AI FOR CONSUMERS: AI helps customers to make conscious buying choices and decrease the possibility of purchase manipulation because AI supports marketing, gift selection, and virtual dressing. AI is an important tool for marketing because it uses the data from the consumers’ search history to recommend a similar item for the consumers to take into consideration in their purchase and fasten the buying process.

Besides, AI software can combine data from occasion details, recipient, sentiment and the modern trends to select suitable gifts. Moreover, virtual dressing rooms allow clothing customization, thus enhancing buyers’ experience. Most times, the customers see a three-dimensional model of their chosen outfit lessening online shopping guesswork.

Are you familiar with the AI programs that you are using?


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