Which one are you? The 4 types of drunk people that you will meet at a party!

Which one are you? The 4 types of drunk people that you will meet at a party!

Chinese New Year is always a festive season for people having gatherings and throwing parties. As an adult, we no longer throw a party with Coca-cola and Sprite, right? (haha)

People tend to have alcoholic drinks at their parties, and hey, we understand, having a beer will surely spice up the party! At every party, there will always be a person who accidentally drinks too much and ends up drunk. So here is a list of the 4 types of drunk people that you will surely see at a party.


1. Happy Drunk

Happy Drunk is, in fact, a fun kind of drunk that you want to be with at a party. They are always laughing, enjoying the party and spreading positive vibes to everyone. They are literally the life of the party. Here’s a tip to hang out with them and enjoy to the fullest: Be drunk like them cause staying sober will only decrease the level of fun!


2. Sad Drunk

Opposite to the Happy Drunk, Sad Drunk is considered the worst kind of drunk. They will whine, cry and scream. Yes, they will be transforming into a giant baby. Most of the Sad Drunks seem pretty normal when they are sober. Who knows a little alcohol would change them into a waterfall full of tears? So the best way of handling Sad Drunk would be to transform into a mother, comfort them, hear them out and basically, take care of them like how you took care of a baby. If you’re not that close to the Sad Drunk, get as far as you can from them!

3. Philosophical Drunk

Philosophical Drunk can be fun to be with at a party if the party is held in a library. (haha) Philosophical Drunk is basically your lecturer that drinks too much. They will talk to you about love, life, death, universe and more. They will have all sorts of deep conversations with you. But it could be fun to talk to them, and hey, you might gain some life advice from them too! Isn’t that a win-win situation? If you have all the patience and interest in the world, I would suggest you keep hanging with them; if not, you can always ask a confusing question, leave them hanging and run as fast as you can while they are thinking.


4. DJ Drunk

DJ Drunk is the best to have at a party, especially parties that have an actual deejay. They will turn into a dance machine, and believe me, no matter what their dance moves are, they always dance like they own the dance floor. With that kind of confidence, they are definitely the star of the party! So I’d advise you to drink up, join in the dance floor and dance your problems away.

Although drinking can be fun, you party people should also take into consideration about the downsides of drinking too. So drink responsibly and stay out of trouble!

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