Interview: Lewis Capaldi Talks About His Malaysian Experiences, Crazy Fan Encounter & Niall Horan

Interview: Lewis Capaldi Talks About His Malaysian Experiences, Crazy Fan Encounter & Niall Horan

2019’s breakout star, Lewis Capaldi, set Malaysia a blazed recently with his first concert ever on our home soil. Prior to that, we attended the press conference where he shared his thoughts on his journey thus far.

Speaking to the media, the “Someone You Loved” singer was all smiles and full of laughs as he answered a series of questions regarding his album, his future plans and his experience in Malaysia. Check out what he said below:

Source: Metro

What was your first impression when you came to Malaysia?

It’s very warm and I’m a sweaty boy. I’ve just had a shower, this isn’t sweat (pointing towards his shirt). I just showered but I am still sweating.

When did you arrive in Malaysia?

Yesterday (13th January 2020) afternoon, and we came in and the hotel here did like a monster Burrito challenge. And it’s like 2 foot long and it got a kilogram of chips.

(But I didn’t finish the challenge), my stomach found it difficult. I mean obviously we tried traditional Malaysian food besides the Burrito. We did that and I felt pregnant. Basically I ruin my first day here cause I couldn’t move, because the Burrito had to be eaten within 30 minutes. But today I’m going to venture out and I’m going to see the sites.

“Someone You Love” has been #1 on the UK chart for 7 weeks straight and it was even #1 in Billboard Hot 100. How does that feel like and did you expect that at all?

Oh no no, I didn’t expect that and it’s kind of nice I think. When we make the album and stuff I never saw myself as someone who would have a bit (of fame). I never thought about singles, I’m always just thought, okay, I’m making an album. That’s what I’ll do and it just so happens that, you know, we have a bit (of success) which is lovely. I mean I’m so happy but, yeah, it just makes you a bit nervous, like 2019, a really good year, 2020, uh oh.

I’m joking of course but yeah, it just been a very nice experience. To be able to come here and do this and speak to you and play the show and stuff like that it’s a privilege so I’m very please.

You have fans from all over the world and you must have lots of Twitter replies and DMs everyday.

I do, not all of them are nice.

It’s been wild, for the responses I had from people and the messages I received is all very nice. It’s a bit strange to think that my songs means so much to other people. But it’s all very lovely and I’m sure that it’s definitely not my mother just tweeting over and over again.

So do you still stay with your mom?

Yeah I still live with my parents. I love to stay with my parents and I’m never really at home nowadays. So when I go home I’m like my mom’s favourite child, for a day, then she realises that I’m just an ordinary child and I’m just not that cool. When I go home she washes my underwear, which is a nice thing she does and that’s not an easy task.

Let’s backtrack a little bit to your debut album. What is the backstory behind it because each of the songs have different stories and emotions attach to them. How did you get the concept of that?

I was dating a lady for 2 years, or a year and a half, and then she decided that she did not like me very much. I know, could you believe it? (sarcastic tone) Could you believe this face that she didn’t like after a while. Then I wrote an album about it, a whole album that over 3 years.

But yeah, I mean there some songs on there about our breakup. Then there some songs about relatives of mine that had passed away, which is even more depressing than a breakup.

After that, I mean they’re just songs that are personal. Oh, I’m an open book. Open up and have a read and see what you think. It’s a very personal album. The songs are all very sad but I’m actually quite a happy guy. 

When people see your Instagram, they usually expect you to be like ‘writing a sad song right now’ but you’re a very cheerful guy.

Hey, I like to have a good time. Put a party hat on me and lets paint the town red. Listen, I’m a cheerful boy and I love nothing more than you know, putting on my little party pants and run and sing; that’s what I get up to.

What are your plans for 2020?

I’ll try to write a new album and it will probably not be as good as the first one. Cause let’s face it I have a good album – the first album done very well, very happy so please, excited – but I don’t know if I got another one in me.

It takes so long, no one tells you that. I’ll try to write an album and I’ll try and make it not terrible. That’s what I’ll try to do, but again, I can’t promise anything. Yeah, it’s a really good question, it’s gonna be a good year; going to try to lose some weight. I’ll probably want to release the first single to my second album by the end of 2020.

If it wasn’t for your music career, what would you be doing right now?

If it wasn’t for my music career I would probably be living at home with my mom and dad, so I just wouldn’t have a job. So there you go, my life be pretty much the same, I still live with my parents, I wouldn’t have branch out at all. So probably be doing that and what else? I don’t know, probably be playing Playstation in my pants.

Besides your music, what is the one thing you would like people to remember about you?

Well, (joking tone) my handsome good looks of course.

You announced a joined tour with Niall Horan this year. Since Niall has supported you with your music and has been in the industry longer than you have. How has he affected your music, your style of writing and how has he helped you?

Niall has been a massive help for me, I mean, Niall is the first person, like the first famous person, who has mentioned about my music and has supported my music. He’s always been a huge help not just once. I mean I really appreciate the fact that he likes music and that he has nothing to gain from sharing my music in the first place.

He still has nothing to gain in asking me to join him. I mean he is just doing it cause he likes music. It really really means a lot to me cause I’ve been a massive fan of his and One Direction for a very very long time. It’s been very cool and that we became like pals over the last couple of years because he’s genuinely the nicest person I’ve met in music and stuff. So yeah I love him, I could never repay him for being a very welcoming gentleman. Although, he’s quite small (joking tone). So, he’s great and all that stuff but he’s like 5 foot 4.

Do you have a particular lyric in your song that you find the most significant or your favourite?

My favourite now is probably my newest single “Before You Go”, cause the lyrics are just very personal to me – more personal than some of the other songs. Especially cause I wrote it more recently and I think back to the chorus line that goes, ‘Was there something I could’ve said to make it all stop hurting? It kills me how your mind can make you feel so worthless’.

I just think those lyrics for me really means a lot and it’s kind of the first lyric that came for that song. So yeah, I like that lyrics and I hope people do too.

Source: Instagram

What observations have you made about fame and how prepared are you from the different aspects that come with fame, which include sometimes as not being as famous anymore as you sort of hinted just now?

Yeah, I mean that day is coming for sure. That day is coming like a freight train (laugh). I think what I realise from fame is that in some aspect it can be very fun, but I think if you take it seriously, you done trouble. And if you value yourself on how famous you are, you’re in big trouble and I think it doesn’t matter, it makes no difference. I’m not like Ed Sheeran famous or Justin Bieber famous, so well, I’m coming to a nice little bit, I mean I don’t need to like duck in or out (from fans).

I think you have to not take it seriously, it’s a quite stupid concept to be famous, you know what I mean. I’m just a young chubby boy from Scotland and I didn’t even finished high school when I left halfway through my last year. Although, 6 months from now I might be like, oh I lost my fame and I want it back. But yeah I don’t do this to be famous, I do it to make lot of money… I’m joking.

Source: Youtube

What was the craziest encounter with a fan?

I played a show in Glasgow and I had to go to London fairly quickly after the show but there was also a little party afterwards and I just wanted to say hello to my friends and family cause I had to leave quite sharply. So when I was walking back up, you have to go through the venue to get to the party. There was still a massive queue of people queuing up to get their jackets and I had to walk through.

For the most part it was very like ‘oh hi, Lewis’ ‘hi Lewis’ so I was just waving at the people like that. Then I was walking down and there was this massive barrier that was about here (showing the height to his chest). Some woman ran towards me, there is a video of it online, and I looked terrified. She bolted, jumped across then tried to grab me and kiss me. I was like “oh stop, please don’t”. She kissed me right in the face, hey, fair play to you wherever you are, woman, ma’am. Yeah, she was removed from the venue after that, but it was pretty intense.

Some people are calling you the male version of Adele, how do you feel about it?

Well that’s nice, Adele is Adele. Adele is very successful, she has a long career which is also quite nice. I always say when people ask me what type of music I make, I’d imagine Adele, right, but she’s a guy and she’s not as talented – that’s me in a nut shell and I think that’s a nice place to be. I had the male Adele comparison and then people calling me the next Ed Sheeran and I think, artists in the past have been like, “oh I don’t want that I’m the first me”, and I’m like “who cares”, no one is comparing me to, you know, a Hollywood person you know what I mean, they’re comparing me to a very good artist that I love, it’s a huge compliment. It’s weird that no one is referring me to the next Beyonce, which is what I’m hoping for.

I like all that stuff as long as people are buying my music, listening to my music, coming to my shows. Call me what you want, you know what I mean. But don’t call me what you want, call me nicer.

Are you more of a singer or songwriter?

I say probably a songwriter. If we’re talking technically, I’m not that good of a singer. I got like 3 notches and a bit of falsetto. That said, if you look at someone like Beyonce, or Adele or Amy Winehouse, or Ariana Grande, these people are singers, they are incredible singers and I think if you’re comparing them to my voice, you’d go “oh Ariana Grande is definitely a much better singer”. I suppose some people have preferences but you’re talking about preference, so if you’re talking about technicality, I never see myself as that good of a singer. I like how my voice sound but I never see it as that as anything bigger like, “Woah look at all this”, I can’t do that.

So for that reason, I’ll always been like one of those songwriters. If I didn’t wrote my own songs I wouldn’t be here. I like playing the songs I’ve written live, and seeing the reaction of it. But you know if I can sing like Ariana Grande that would be lovely.

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