Louis Koo’s Charitable Efforts against the Coronavirus Outbreak

Louis Koo’s Charitable Efforts against the Coronavirus Outbreak

Since becoming the President of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild in 2018, Louis Koo has used his role to continue with charitable donations and philanthropic efforts. With the recent coronavirus outbreak, face masks have become high in demand but short in supply. Many veteran artistes have had difficulty obtaining enough masks for daily use. Louis immediately took action and was able to secure and distribute more than 20,000 face masks.

His efforts in combating this outbreak do not stop there. Recently, it was announced that through his foundation, Koo Tin Lok Charitable Foundation Limited, he will distribute 1.3 million face masks to those in need. The statement read:

“Due to the ongoing epidemic, there is a shortage of face masks in Hong Kong for everyone. The Koo Tin Lok Charitable Foundation Limited has been able to secure 1.3 million masks. They will be donated to several social welfare agencies, self-help organizations, religious community service organizations, and others, and distributed to all those in need within the 18 districts of Hong Kong. This week, 500,000 masks will be sourced out and donated to citizens who have not been able to acquire them for precautionary efforts to protect themselves and others. Due to the limited number of masks, the Foundation will give priority to the following people: people with disabilities and rehabilitation, low-income families, children with special needs and their families, and the elderly. At this stage, the supply of masks from suppliers around the world is extremely tight. The masks successfully ordered by the Foundation will be delivered to Hong Kong in several batches, and will be given to those in need as soon as possible. Wishing everyone good health.”

A Good Boss

During this time of need, the 49-year-old actor is using his many platforms to help a wide range of people. As President of the Guild, Louis is helping out Hong Kong artistes. As director of his own charity foundation, he is helping Hong Kong netizens in need. As a businessman and owner of several restaurants, the 49-year-old actor is also an ethical and good boss to his employees. With many businesses affected by the lack of foot traffic and patrons, Louis revealed that his restaurants continue to stay busy and business is still operating at a good pace, thanks to the Lunar New Year holidays and many regular celebrity customers.

Despite good business and due to the escalating situation, Louis took into consideration his employees’ health and family and decided to place more than 40 employees on a leave of absence. However, Louis continues to keep his staff employed and will pay them their salaries during this leave of absence. To the best of his ability, Louis hopes to avoid having to lay anyone off and be able to help as many people as he can.

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