“We Reject Any Backdoor Government Formed Out of Selfish Agendas”, Says M’sian Foundation

“We Reject Any Backdoor Government Formed Out of Selfish Agendas”, Says M’sian Foundation

Yesterday (23rd February 2020), the whole of Malaysia was shocked to the core when there were rumours floating around of a new government. It didn’t help that at about 20 VIP vehicles entered the Istana Negara compounds yesterday while being escorted by traffic police.

After leaving Istana Negara, about 131 MPs have gathered at the Sheraton Hotel last night for a consensus dinner. This fuelled the curiosity and fear of Malaysians who thought that the rumours must most definitely be true.

In an article by NST, UMNO secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa said that he thinks that Pakatan Harapan is over.

Citizens have been kept in the dark and there are lots of speculations and displeasure on social media.

Source: MAJU

So, one Malaysian foundation, MAJU (Malaysian Action for Justice and Unity), has issued out a press statement today (24th February 2020) that was backed by 24 lecturers, lawyers, CEOs etc. (MAJU is an independent apolitical organization.) 

The press statement reads,

“We the People are concerned that some politicians think that they own this country and can do whatever they wish without the legal and moral mandate of the Rakyat.”

According to POLYAS, a mandate means an order or an authorization. MAJU continues by saying,

“The Rakyat WILL NOT agree to or cooperate with any back door government formed out of the selfish self preservation agenda of certain MPs. If PH has failed, then the Rakyat demand a fresh mandate.”

Then, they ended the statement by calling out to the YDPT.

“The YDPT Agung should consider this position and concern of the Rakyat.”

We certainly do agree with the statement as this is a democratic country and most of us took the time and energy to vote for a better future for the country and also our children in 2018. It is definitely heartbreaking to think that our voices were not being heard at all and we have been “bypassed”. 

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