Huang Xiaoming Addresses Rumours That He Cheated On Angelababy

Huang Xiaoming Addresses Rumours That He Cheated On Angelababy

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy (楊穎) have been bogged down with breakup rumours for quite some while now.

It doesn’t help that the former has also been accused of having an affair with industry new comer Hani Kezi (哈妮克孜) recently. This has prompted the 42-year-old actor to come forward and set the record straight.

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In his statement, Huang Xiaoming wrote:

From the end of last year to the present, I have been busily filming in Chengdu with our crew. When news of the epidemic broke, I have been in holed up in isolation at a Chengdu hotel following the control measures imposed. During this time, I’ve been keeping up with the developments of the virus and hope that my efforts to help frontline health workers and patients are enough.

“I never expected this (malicious gossip) to take so much of the public’s time and resources. I feel helpless and very apologetic. Hope netizens will not give credence to this and spread any more falsehood. Let’s focus instead on the current health situation and look forward to beating this soon.”

The actor-singer also shared that his lawyer will be taking legal action towards the slanderers responsible for spreading the false rumours. 3 specific user IDs have already been listed down. The firm has issued a request to Weibo’s company via the Beijing courts to disclose the real identities of the aforementioned trio in order to press charges.

Huang Xiaoming and his team are not only expecting a public apology from each of those culprits but also financial compensation for defaming his good name. Similarly, Hani Kezi’s camp has also warned netizens against making false claims on the actress unless they don’t mind being slapped with a fat lawsuit.

Huang Xiaoming
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Celebs generally tend to ignore harmless rumours, but once it gets out of hand, you’ll probably feel their wrath.

Source: Drama Panda.

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