Clear the Debt! | 4 Easy and Seamless Ways to Repay Your PTPTN Loan

Clear the Debt! | 4 Easy and Seamless Ways to Repay Your PTPTN Loan

Almost every one of us applies for a PTPTN loan as a university student. Because of this, we finally get to obtain our diplomas or degrees without having to worry about the tuition fee every single day. And when we’ve finally graduated, it is time for us to be an adult and repay the loan.

We have listed down 4 easy methods to repay PTPTN loan. Let’s go through them now!

1. Over the counter

The most traditional way to make any payment is the over-the-counter way.

All you need to do is tell the attendant is your name, contact number, PTPTN account (IC number) and reference code of the PTPTN contract.

You can do it at the counter of:

-Any PTPTN branch across Malaysia

-CIMB Bank

-Bank Rakyat

-Bank Simpanan Malaysia

-Bank Islam

-Pos Malaysia



2. Via online banking or FPX

We know you’re too lazy to drag yourself all the way to PTPTN’s counter. That’s okay because the repayment can be made online too using your phone or laptop. Now, don’t we love technology?

Here is the list of banks that allows you to pay your loan via online banking or FPX or both:

【Through online banking AND FPX】


-CIMB Bank

-RHB Bank

-Bank Islam

-Public Bank


-Bank Rakyat


-Affin Bank

-Bank Simpanan Nasional

-Pos Online




-Alliance Bank

-Bank Muamalat

-United Overseas Bank (UOB)

-American Express



3. Salary deduction

There’s also the salary deduction method. To apply for this, you will need to log on to the PTPTN salary deduction request portal and follow the steps or fill in the Borang Kebenaran Potongan Gaji form in person at a PTPTN branch. And do remember to bring your salary slip with you.

When all is done, your employer will deduct the suggested amount from your salary automatically while PTPTN will update the amount you still need to pay for your loan. And you? You can just sit back and relax.

Read the details here.




If you wish to repay your PTPTN loan with your EPF, you will need to fill in the Borang Permohonan Pengeluaran Pinjaman Pinjaman Pendidikan form at any KWSP branch. Or log on to their e-Pengeluaran portal and follow the few simple steps as guided.

It is your responsibility to repay the PTPTN loan.

Choose any of these 4 easy and convenient ways to do it, free yourself from the worry of being blacklisted.

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