Mat Yeung Personally Takes Care of Customers at His Restaurant

Mat Yeung Personally Takes Care of Customers at His Restaurant

Mat Yeung’s (楊明) restaurant has been the center of controversy in the past year. From surviving the destruction of radical protestors to facing the threat of closing due to the coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant is still staying strong, and one can’t help but to be impressed by its resilience.

Though cases of COVID-19 in Hong Kong are slowing down and the city is slowly buzzling back to life, many restaurants are still facing the threat of being shut down forever. Mat, who has just completed his filming obligations for his new TVB drama Buddies Do Big Things <伙記辦大事>, decided to go back on the floor to take care of his restaurant. Mat was seen washing dishes, handling shipments, cleaning tables, and working as a cashier. He personally greeted all customers and received their orders with a happy smile.

Due to Mat’s pro-police stance, his restaurant became the subject of negative rumors that have been circulating online, including one that claimed a waitress was diagnosed with COVID-19. Though Mat admitted that business is not as good as it used to be, he will not let negative rumors cloud his mind. “If I lose business, I’ll just start a new one,” he told his fans. “But I can’t lose my humanity. You can’t find that once it’s gone.”

Source: East Week

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