Kathy Chow Forgives Husband’s Cheating

Kathy Chow Forgives Husband’s Cheating

Kathy Chow (周汶錡) has chosen to believe in love and forgive her husband for cheating.

Last week, the supermodel’s husband, French businessman Julien Lepeu, was spotted hugging and kissing another woman. Kathy and Julien have two sons together.

Despite pressure from the media to respond to questions about the scandal, Kathy stayed quiet. It wasn’t until this Sunday when Kathy finally updated her Instagram with a post, saying that she has decided to forgive her husband. Kathy also shared a picture of her younger son, Avner, who turned three on March 20th.

“Thank you to family and friends,” wrote Kathy on Instagram. “After all these years all of you continue to care for me [and] love me. I apologize for making you worry. This was a very important life lesson. We will do our homework well and continue to learn, understand, [and] improve!”

She continued, “The both of us still believe in ‘love’, that it can change our relationship and solve our problems. It is the source of our strength! In the days to come we will continue to work hard, for our children, for our family, for each other; we will continue to cherish and improve together! We are very thankful to be able to have and own so many things in our lives! As we face this pandemic together I hope all of you will stay healthy! I love you all!”

Source: On.cc

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