Malaysians Can Observe The Super Pink Moon On Wednesday, 8 April

Malaysians Can Observe The Super Pink Moon On Wednesday, 8 April

Being trapped at home can be very stressful. There are not many things you can do to entertain yourselves. Although you feel lonely at night, however, you are always accompanied by thousands of stars in the sky and this Wednesday (8 April), your night will be more cheerful with the presence of the Super Pink moon!

Let’s get to the most important point! What time will you be able to see the Super Pink moon? A quick check on the Time and Date website will show you that Malaysians can observe the Super Pink moon at the early morning of 8 April! However, you can try your luck in observing the moon starting the night before too.

Source: Forbes

Ok, so why is called a Super Pink moon? Is it really pink? Well as explained in India Today, the supermoon is named in order to track the seasons and in this case, Super Pink moon signifies the end of Spring.

Don’t be disappointed though, the sight will still be beautifully amazing! According to Forbes, a supermoon can be 14% larger and 30% brighter than your usual full moon. So make sure you lepak at your lawn, or at your balcony to witness it!

What if it rains? Well, don’t worry! The next one will be Super Flower moon which falls on May 7! Take this time to appreciate the beauty of nature. We have the time now, so let’s cherish every moment of it.

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