MKN: 88% Malaysians Wants MCO To Be Extended Till After 14th April

MKN: 88% Malaysians Wants MCO To Be Extended Till After 14th April

Today’s the day we find out if or not the Movement Control will be extended. According to original plans, the MCO was supposed to end on the 14th of April but again it depends on the Health Ministry and whether or not we’ve managed to flatten the infection curve. Throughout the MCO, almost all of us have gotten messages from Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN) updating us on the current situations and also reminding us to follow necessary precautions.

In case you weren’t aware, MKN is also on Telegram with around 1.1 million people in the channel. The extremely informative group shares light on the current update and also disproves any “fake news” that’s going viral.

Yesterday, the channel conducted a poll around 1 pm regarding the MCO situation in the country and one of the questions asked was that should the MCO be extended till after the 14th April?

Source: SinChew

Out of a total 23,776 people, 88% of the group (20,923) answered that the MCO should be extended. Sin Chew reported that other questions in the poll included if whether the authorities are sending enough Covid-19 information to the people? This question got a 90% ‘Yes’ response out of the 168,849 people who answered.

It’s really happy to see Malaysians put the safety of the country first despite being in quarantine for almost a month. We thank the Ministry Of Health and MKN for providing us with accurate and up to date information during this outbreak. For the rest of us, remember to not share any news without running it through multiple sourced first!

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