MCO: 6 New Skills You Can Learn While You #StayAtHome

MCO: 6 New Skills You Can Learn While You #StayAtHome

The Covid-19 pandemic is taking a toll on our sanity cause everyone knows that this period of staying at home is one of the biggest plights we have ever faced. Now that the Movement Control Order (MCO) has been extended, it’s only a matter of time before households fall apart.

With only two and a half weeks left to go (for now at least), there is still a chance that Malaysians might pick up on the prospect of making their time at home productive. There are a number of new things to pick up and new skills to learn with plenty of resources to help with that.

A number of cool apps are available at your finger tips for you to make your time at home useful. Instead of just brainlessly scrolling through Instagram on your mobile phone or watching prank videos, here are some skills you can pick up as you #StayAtHome

1. Learn A New Language

Source: Fluent in 3 months

You know how people go on about how they wanna learn a new language and travel the world? We’ll here’s a chance to do one of those things. Through the Apple App Store, you would get a chance to learn a new Asian language through apps. They offer a number of languages from Korean, Japanese and Chinese which would prepare you for your travels once this pandemic blows overs.

Learn an Asian language through various apps on Apple App Store by clicking here.

2. Playing A Musical Instrument

Source: Take

If you’re someone who has the musical capabilities of a fish (and not the Little Mermaid kind), maybe it’s time you pick up that ukulele you bought in college to impress your classmates with and finally perform your rendition of “I’m Yours”. The Apple App Store is offering some cool apps that could help you learn some fairly easy instruments, a set of which you can find in your household.

Along with the ukulele, you can express the blues by learning the harmonica if you have one but if you lack either of these instruments, head over to your kitchen. Yep, they are classes that would teach you to master the spoons. Maybe we’ll finally get some decent quarantine videos instead of another Tik Tok.

3. Master Calligraphy

Source: Tally Press

If you’re really fancy, you can try you hand out in calligraphy. This could be helpful if you’re into design or if you’re looking to impress your loved ones with some cool birthday cards. Apple App Store’s Procreate would help a lot with that as you are able to master the art form even if you’re hands are as shaky as a caffeinated college student on a deadline. You don’t need a traditional paint brush as you can master this digitally which would be useful in future design job prospects.

4. Find Your Centre With Meditation

Source: Huffpost

We’re going to be bombarded with plenty of news regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and some of them are gonna be worrying. It’s hard not to be worked up with all this but it’s important to keep your stress levels at a minimum or at least try to. To combat stress, there some apps that could help you do this through meditation.

If you haven’t tried meditation before, perhaps this is the best time to pick it up (It’s not like you’re going anywhere). You may be clueless about meditation but apps like Oak and Meditation Studio will guide you through the process of meditation during these trying times.

5. Brain Exercises

Source: Verywell mind

People are already going mad and the initially proposed two-week MCO period hasn’t even ended yet. With another two weeks added, brains are going to be fried but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s important to keep your mind fit and healthy just as well as your body. Although that could be done through the means mentioned above, some people are going to need a little more help and there are some apps that could do that.

Thankfully there are a slew of apps that would help you manage habits, challenge your cognitive skills and relax.

6. A Variety Of Skills From Online Courses


Believe it or not, more learning can be done at home than most educational institutions. With schools and universities closed, it looks like the best way to learn is online. Whether it’s acquiring better entrepreneurial skill sets to help market your business or even acquiring knowledge for your own self edification, there are a number of apps that would be able to help you.

App Store is offering some apps that feature online courses that would help you acquire new skill sets and knowledge while you’re at home waiting for all this to blow over. Through these course, you’ll be able to come out a new person with your head overloaded with information that would in turn help you in the days to come.

By doing these things, we can all come out of this crisis relatively unharmed and go about our lives with some new knowledge and an experience to tell our grandchildren. For more information on all available apps, click here.

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