Old Woman At Lockdown Apartment In Taman Sri Murni Is Starving As The Govt Has Not Been Sending Food

Old Woman At Lockdown Apartment In Taman Sri Murni Is Starving As The Govt Has Not Been Sending Food

A woman shared on Facebook that she is worried her grandmother will starve to death as she claims the government has not been sending her mother food for two days.

This is because the mother’s apartment at Taman Sri Murni has been put on lockdown after several suspected cases of Covid-19 were detected, and residents are not allowed to go out.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the old woman is a stroke patient and needs to drink milk. However, there is no milk or even rice at the house and the government has not been sending her any food like they said they would.

Source: Sin Chew Daily

Fortunately, there has been an uncle living in the building who has been helping to look after the old woman, but he is also facing a lack of food supplies in his home.

“My grandmother is so old and has nothing to eat. It’s been two days, she could starve to death soon,” she wrote.

So far, there has been no official news on this case at the moment, however, Batu MP P Prabakaran said he has been receiving calls from Taman Sri Murni residents saying they have yet to receive aid from the Social Welfare Department.

Source: Malaysia Kini

“I’m still getting so many calls from people there who tell me they haven’t had a proper meal because they are out of groceries,” he said in a Facebook post.

“They claim they haven’t eaten and are in dire need of milk powder, rice and the basic essentials, but no aid from the welfare department has reached them.”

“We manage to pool in some 500 bags of food items and essentials for those affected but was not allowed to distribute it to them due to the enhanced movement control order (EMCO).”

“I’ve tried to get the food items across to them but the authorities guarding the place just won’t allow. Finally someone from the welfare department told me to leave the items at their centre and they will distribute them to the residents. But they will only do it tomorrow.”

Hopefully the residents in Taman Sri Murni will get their food soon! 

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