Kylie Jenner Mocked For Quarantine Appearance: She Looks White Again!

Kylie Jenner Mocked For Quarantine Appearance: She Looks White Again!

Like so many other celebrities, Kylie Jenner has been regularly updating fans on her life in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kylie has joked that she’s drinking herself to sleep, but in more serious moments she’s revealed to fans that she’s enjoying the time she gets to spend with her 2-year-old daughter and feels fortunate that she can afford to take time off and shelter in place without fear of running out of essential resources.

Of course, in some ways, Kylie’s life has remained relatively unchanged by the health crisis.

She’s still churning out a steady stream of online content for her 171 million Instagram followers.

Which means that she’s still facing daily criticism for everything from her parenting choices to her appearance.

Last week, Kylie clapped back at a body-shaming hater who alleged that she’s gained weight as a result of birthing a child.

This week, a new much less asinine observation about Kylie’s appearance has resulted in a viral meme.

For years, critics have accused Kylie of subtle blackface — adopting African-American styles and artificially darkening her skin in ways that amount to a problematic appropriation of a culture that is not her own.

Now, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @BeyonceLeague has observed that the pandemic appears to have forced Kylie to revert to a more natural appearance.

The user tweeted a photoset of Kylie with a caption reading:

“The way that Quarantine has turned Kylie Jenner back into a white girl.”

Generally, posts that are critical of a beloved celebrity’s appearance are met with backlash.

But @BeyonceLeague is being applauded for calling out Kylie – and, by extension, the entire Kar-Jenner clan — for a troubling habit that persists despite being pointed out on several previous occasions.

Other users posted side-by-side comparisons in order to underscore the point.

While Kylie was quick to respond to the fan who pointed out her weight gain — and we applaud for that — it’s unlikely that she’ll reply to this most recent observation about her appearance.

Kylie and her sisters have long been plagued by criticism of their “culture vulture” tendencies.

And generally, it’s an issue they prefer to ignore.

The replies to @BeyonceLeague’s tweet are eye-opening, as it appears that a surprising number of people were under the impression that Kylie was of Latina or Middle Eastern descent.

“She’s a white girl who’s half of Armenian descent. That’s all makeup,” one commenter wrote.

“Shes not armenian, only kim, khloe and kourt are. kylie and kendall have a different parent remember,” another user correctly replied.

Looks like it’s not just our roommates and family members who we’re learning more about in quarantine!

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