Ruco Chan and Natalie Tong Film Funny Massage Scene for “Power Envoy”

Ruco Chan and Natalie Tong Film Funny Massage Scene for “Power Envoy”

TVB actor Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and actress Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) have teamed up once again for the upcoming series, Power Envoy <超能使者>. As the drama has comedic elements, Natalie boldly unleashed all her ugly faces during a massage scene with Ruco, surprising the whole set. She expressed that this is her first time going so big for a comedic scene, so she hopes viewers will find this side of her amusing or refreshing.

In the massage scene, Natalie plays the one in charge of the background extras while Ruco’s character wishes to become a background extra. He immediately rushes to Natalie’s aid when she felt dizzy and gives her a head massage to lick her boot. With expert skills in massaging, Ruco dramatically rubs and kneads Natalie’s head, as she comedically responds by moaning in pleasure while swaying her head around. While exaggeratedly massaging Natalie’s head and messing up her hair in the process, Ruco asked, “Is it strong enough? Do you feel comfortable? Do you want me to make it harder?”

With a pleasured look, Natalie expressed, “It’s comfortable! Real good! Harder!”

Ruco humorously replied, “Why do you get satisfied so easily?”

Ruco Said Natalie Can Take Another Career Path

When reporters mentioned Ruco made Natalie feel so excited, he joked, “Of course, I practice on my wife every day – practice massaging her!”

Hearing this, Natalie teased Ruco and said he will surely have another baby next year. In response, Ruco said, “That’s my job, but Natalie can take another career path if she wants to! I barely even touched her, but she reacted very well. She has great potential… in acting.”

With the TV Queen giving her best shot every take, her hair eventually turned out like a bird’s nest, which matched her ugly expressions. Natalie expressed, “I wanted to exaggerate, so there is a greater sense of comedy. I literally went all out for the scene and showed the ugliest side of myself, but then the director also wanted me to look beautiful as well.”


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