Zoo Negara Clarifies Story About Viral Photo Of Skinny Lion

Zoo Negara Clarifies Story About Viral Photo Of Skinny Lion

Zoo Negara is finally clearing the air on the recent controversy surrounding a viral photo of a skinny lion.

According to AWANI, the lion, named Manja Kani, suffered a significant weight loss due to a change in its diet during the mating season.

Source: VOCKET

Zoo Negara’s deputy president Rosly Ahmat Lana told the news outlet, “Manja Kani and Manja Ela are in the process of mating lately and it has caused Manja Kani to skip meals. This case is common for the panthera leo species. However, it was more noticeable for Manja Kani. This is because the female refused to mate, while the male attempts to coerce her into mating.”

In a previous press conference, Rosly revealed that the 15-year-old lion is skinny because the zookeepers changed its food from meat to chicken. This came as a result of the shortage of supplies during the movement control order (MCO) period. Despite its poor physical condition, he assured everyone that the lion is in good health.

“Manja Kani has been a bit picky and it was difficult for us to get our meat supply during the MCO. It’s not that we cannot afford it but there just wasn’t any supply that could come in. Sometimes the lion fancies beef and not chicken, other times it likes venison and not beef,” Rahmat clarified during the session, as reported by Bernama.

Are people buying Rosly’s explanation though? Here are what netizens online think:

Despite Rahmat’s effort in clarifying the issue, netizens (particularly on Twitter) have continued to slam Zoo Negara over their lame excuses.

Sources: AWANIBernama.

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