Joy-Anna Duggar Gets Mom-Shamed: You Really Keep Guns Around Your Baby?

Joy-Anna Duggar Gets Mom-Shamed: You Really Keep Guns Around Your Baby?

Get ready for another round of one of the internet’s favorite games:

Yes, it’s time for Mom-Shame a Duggar!


Now, this game doesn’t really require much in the way of active participation from you, dear reader.

The mom-shaming has already been done by commenters on Instagram and Reddit.

All you have to do is decide if the Duggar mom in question deserves to be shamed, or if we’re all just being too hard on her.

In the spotlight today we have Joy-Anna Duggar.

Already mother to 2-year-old Gideon, Joy-Anna is currently pregnant with her second child.

Some of you might be experiencing a bit of deja vu at the moment, as Joy-Anna was just recently mom-shamed for allowing her son to drink coffee.

There was quite a bit of lively debate over that one, with some arguing that it’s fine, as long as the kid sticks to decaf (which he appears to), and others insisting it’s weird to buy your kid a 32-ounce sugary-AF iced mocha (which … is a good point).

Today’s installment of Shame a Duggar promises to kick off an even more heated argument, as it encompasses a hot-button political issue.

Joy posted the photo above photo on Instagram recently.

“30 weeks!, she captioned the image. #2monthstogo #3rdtrimester #30weeks #babygirl #summerbaby,” she captioned the pic.

As usual, Joy’s pic received plenty of praise from enthusiastic fans.

Longtime Duggar family friend Carlin Bates described Joy as “so gorgeous,” and several others heaped compliments on the expectant mom.

But some fans took issue with a detail found in the background of the pic.

“I want to speculate on what looks like a gun safe in the corner,” wrote one follower.

“Besides guns, what other secrets could be locked away in the safe?”

“Oh god I missed the gun safe next to the bed…How romantic!” another wrote.

“The gun safe is not my idea of decor though,” a third chimed in.

Yes, some thought it was strange that Joy and husband Austin Forsyth keep their gun safe in such a place of prominence in their bedroom.

Others worried about the gun in relation to the common Duggar habit of allowing young children to share the parental bed.

It’s no surprise, of course, that the Duggars love their guns.

Maintaining access to a small arsenal at all times fits in with the rural, God-fearing, ultra-conservative image they’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

Fortunately, Joy-Anna had the sense not to respond to any of the gun safe comments, which might have kicked off another round of tense debate on her page.

After all, the coffee controversy just died down a few days ago.

But there was one comment about the photo that she just couldn’t let slide.

“Board on a mattress? Hmmmm,” one fan commented.

This prompted Joy to reply, “haha, yes, just changed our mattresses around and the board was under our bed.”

It’s good that she didn’t let that one slide.

Clearly, Joy wants the world to know that a lot goes in he boudoir — but she and Austin are never board in bed! Hi-oh!

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