Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo: Our Marriage Is Not as Happy As It Looks

Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo: Our Marriage Is Not as Happy As It Looks

Of all the Duggar children who fled the nest and started families of their own, the one that viewers find most relatable and easiest to root for is Jinger.

Jinger gained a reputation as a rebel in her youth, and she’s more than lived up to it in adulthood.

Jeremy and Jinge

While her siblings have — for the most part — done what’s expected of them, Jinger has blazed her own rail through life.

She married a man her father didn’t approve of, and together they moved to LA.

(That last part may not sound like such a big deal, but Jim Bob and Michelle were so upset by the relocation that they reportedly disowned Jinger for a brief period.)

In Love with Jeremy

After she married Jeremy, Jinger wore pants in violation of her family’s dress code, and she waited almost a year to get pregnant.

That’s virtually unheard of in a family that values procreation as highly as the Duggars, and her parents were said to be deeply upset.

These days, Jinger’s “modern lifestyle” gets slammed by fans on a routine basis, but the Rebel Duggar seems unconcerned.

Jinger With Felicity

In fact, rather than hiding from the public, it seems Jinger and Jeremy are prepared to reveal themselves to fans like never before.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jeremy promises that the new season of Counting On will show the Vuolos to viewers in a “raw form that they’ve never seen before.”

“So much is going on this year. We move across the country. We experience the death of Jinger’s grandmother, we suffer a miscarriage. But we also have the joys of expecting a new little one,” Jeremy shared.

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo Photo

“What we’re really excited about is showing the world this dimension of our life, the good times and the bad.”

“I just hope… that others who’ve walked through the same difficulties will be able to have hope. Even through all of those things,” Jinger added.

“It was definitely a hard thing to deal with, but God gave us grace,” she told ET.

“We’re looking forward to the joys now of having a new little one on the way, and I’m very excited about that.”

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo on Their Gram

These days, Jinger is pregnant with her second child, and while she’s overjoyed by the news, she admits she felt some trepidation at first.

“Of course, following the miscarriage… you’re excited [to get pregnant again], but you don’t want to get too excited at the same time,” she shared.

“But now I am nearly halfway, and so I’m really thankful.”

“You just want to make sure that the baby’s healthy, more than anything… I just didn’t want Jinger to have to walk through that pain again,” Jeremy said.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Pic

“It’s so difficult, and you can’t really explain it until you’ve been through it,” he added.

“So, we waited and we just prayed,” Vuolo continued.

“It’s exciting that the little one, she’s active. She’s kicking strong. She was dancing in an ultrasound every day, I’m convinced. So, that’s exciting to see how healthy the baby is.”

Jinger says living so far away from her family has not been easy, but she’s grateful for the adventure.

Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity

“We were living in Texas before moving here, so moving away from family when we got married, that was difficult,” Jinger admitted.

“Moving all the way over to L.A., it’s just so much further from Arkansas,” she added.

“For me at least, it was like, ‘Man, I wonder if we’re going to get to see them very often… [but] they’ve been able to visit quite a bit, so that’s been such a blessing.”

Jinge and Jer on the 'Gram

Recent events such as the Black Lives Matter protests have led to the Vuolos feeling that they’re new home enables them to be more directly involved in historically significant events.

“Really being in L.A., it’s kind of the center for a lot of that conversation. Jinger and I have appreciated that, and we wanted to be involved in that conversation,” Jeremy said.

“We’ve thought a lot about raising Felicity and any other children we may have here, and I think that’s an exciting prospect, because we want them to be able to… have different perspectives,” he added.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Adore Felicity Vuolo

“Hearing from different people is good.”

We’re guessing Jim Bob doesn’t wholly agree with that sentiment!

Speaking of Jinger’s ultra-conservative family, Jinger says she and Joy-Anna Duggar are closer than ever these days — despite the demands of social distancing.

“She and I had lots of conversations when I lost the baby, and also now that I’m pregnant again,” Jinger revealed.

Jeremy Vuolo with His Wife

“We were already close, but I think that’s only deepened in the past few months, having been in the same place and with none of my other sisters experiencing this loss.,” she added.

“It’s been amazing just to have her and to hear her heart too and how she walked through the miscarriage before me. But then also now, with the pregnancy following the miscarriage, just how she’s coping with even the fears that you’ll feel.”

“You’ll see some family gatherings of everyone socially distanced,” Jeremy said with regard to what fans can expect to see from the new season of Counting On.

Jinger, Jeremy, Felicity Vuolo

“Family night via video chat, which is… that’s the new reality. Everybody’s been kind of adjusting to that.”

“My family is definitely super close. I think for us, we live in L.A., and so that distance is already there. So for us, it provides even more opportunities to get together with the family over video chat, than even usually we get to,” Jinger added.

“But I’ve heard from my siblings. It’s been really difficult for them to be separated, stay in their own homes and just try to call in whenever they can. I think that they’re just all trying to make the best of it.”

Sounds like we’ll be experiencing a version of the Vuolos we’ve never seen before when Counting On premieres on July 7!

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