Son Ye Jin & Lee Sun Gyun To Make Hollywood Debut In New Movie With Sam Worthington

Son Ye Jin & Lee Sun Gyun To Make Hollywood Debut In New Movie With Sam Worthington

Hallyu stars Son Ye Jin (손예진) and Lee Sun Gyun (이선균) are about to make their Hollywood debut in a movie titled “Cross”, starring opposite “Avatar” star Sam Worthington!

Star News reported earlier today (Monday, 6th July) that according to insiders from the film industry, the 38-year-old starlet has been confirmed to star in the upcoming movie. Meanwhile, the 45-year-old South Korean actor has yet to ink the deal.

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According to the media outlet, the “Personal Taste” actress will be playing the character Vera, a tough woman who lives near the border inside a poor country. Vera was left alone to raise her son after her husband died during an attempt to escape the frontier. While Lee Sun Gyun has been offered the role of Gideon, the head of the border defence team.

Soon after the reports came to light, Son Ye Jin’s agency MS Team Entertainment released a statement that reads, “The actress is currently considering to star in the movie “Cross”, and the outlook is favourable. Unless there are any huge changes, she’ll be going through with it.”

As for the “Parasite” actor, his home label HODU&U Entertainment shared, “Lee Sun Gyun has received an offer to join the cast of Hollywood movie “Cross” and is currently reviewing the offer. He is yet to come up with a decision so far.” 

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“Cross” is a futuristic movie where a multiracial country gets divided into two. It uncovers the story of the people stuck between the two nations, where one side is poor, and another side is rich. The film is directed by Andrew Niccol, well-known for his sci-fi works such as “In Time”, “Gattaca”, and “The Truman Show”.

Word has it that the film is scheduled to start shooting in Korea in March 2021.

Source: Koreaboo.

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