Vicki Zhao Deletes Husband’s Photos From IG

Vicki Zhao Deletes Husband’s Photos From IG

Found to have deleted her husband’s photos from her Instagram profile recently, Chinese actress Vicki Zhao (also known as Zhao Wei 趙薇) is rumored to be facing marital woes.

Are Financial and Legal Troubles to Blame?

After Vicki married real estate billionaire Huang Youlong (黃有龍) in 2008, the couple made several successful market investments and their net worth had been estimated at over $10 billion Hong Kong dollars at one point. In recent years, however Vicki’s husband was rumored to have incurred a huge debt.

The 44-year-old actress was found to have deleted all photos related to her husband on Instagram, including a back-view photo of him holding their 10-year-old daughter’s hand and strolling in Prague, as well as one showing a huge bouquet of roses, his gift to her for Valentine’s Day. No trace of Huang Youlong can be found on Vicki’s profile, which is now filled with her personal photos.

As Vicki usually keeps a low profile about her family life, netizens grew curious about her move of deleting her husband’s photos, leaving comments such as “divorce fast, but marry slow” and”when are you returning the money you cheated,” while others blame netizens for their baseless speculations, writing “because of wild speculations every day, she doesn’t update with IG stories anymore.”

Dispelling the rumors, Vicki’s management posted an update on Weibo on July 4, writing “Chasing the wind and clutching at shadows is tiring. Gossip cautiously. Work hard.”

Dogged by Negative Press

In May, Huang Youlong was entangled in a financial dispute with Hong Kong socialite Michelle Chua (蔡一鳳), who sued him and another party in court over a sum of HK$200 million. Huang countersued Chua and raised an injunction in court to prevent Chua from making defamatory statements, and requested a formal apology from her.

Source: Ettoday


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