Chef Wan Claps Back At Netizens For Telling Him To Cover Up

Chef Wan Claps Back At Netizens For Telling Him To Cover Up

Chef Wan gave a priceless reaction after his recent post was met with tons of backlash from local netizens on Instagram.

The cooking icon uploaded an amusing clip of him swimming gracefully in a pool with just his trunks on, lip-syncing to a classic song.

After he had enough with the all the malicious comments left by haters out there, the public figure came up with another update on his Instagram. He even accompanied the post with a cheeky caption to address the issue surrounding his revealing update.

Chef Wan wrote, “Some of these people were being busybody trying to lecture me. They said that my trunks were too short that it exposed my genitalia. They even commented, ‘Aren’t you ashamed of revealing your flabby tummy and chest. You’re old already.’ Yes I’m old, that’s why they’re flabby! Once you grow old, God will make your lips look flabby for body-shaming others.” He also quipped that he wouldn’t dive in the pool while wearing an Islamic jubah on, clapping back at the internet trolls.

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He continued “Indeed, I acknowledge the fact that I’m getting wrinkled and fat, but I accept that with great confidence and self-esteem. That’s why I decided to post such daring clips on Instagram. I’m comfortable in my own skin. Go and see your own face and body to determine if you feel that you’re good enough.”

“Some day, all of you will go through the same phase. Speaking about the post, I uploaded it because i wanted to laugh at my silly old self and hopefully make others laugh too,” clarified the “Soal Hati” actor. For those interested, read his sassy response here:

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Ala sibuk la some of this people yang asyik nak bersyarah konon kita ni ambil gambar mandi di kolam tu nampak aurat, banyak tunjuk seluar pendek with all my friends lah. Ada yang coment tak malu ke dah tua nampak kan perut tu buncit dan tetek tu dah gelebeh. Dah tua gelebeh la semua! Law of gravity! Esok dah tua asyik mengata orang jangan esok bibir masing2 pulak Allah gelebeh kan.? Baru tahu nasib masing2. Tak kan la mereka ini bodoh sangat tak tahu yang selama ini i lead a very liberal life. Meaning saya ni tak hidup didalam gua batu bergaul dgn mcm2 orang dan semua pun saya treat with respect. Tak kan mandi di kolam renang nak berjubah pulak. Memang la saya dah tua badan pun gemuk dan boroi tetapi with great confidence and selfesteem. Itu sebab saya berani post gambar2 itu. I am comfortable in my own skin pun. Pi lah suluh muka dan badan masing2 pun kalau cantik sangat nak mengata kan saya ini. Bapak atau laki kau orang masing2 pun ada yg rupa dan badan mcm aku jugak! Sikit hari all of u are going to get to where i am too. I updated all those video because i wanted to laugh at my silly old self and hopefully make others laugh too. Dont be a bloody hipocrite always wanting to judge my life and put me down. By doing so i make others smile dan tak menyakit kan hati sesiapa pun. Yang kau orang risau tetek aku ni gelebeh dan perut aku ni boroi apa hal? Pi telanjang depan cermin tu suluh dulu badan masing2 jika cantik sangat kan.? Tak habis2 nak jadi ustazah dan ustaz. Tak habis2 nak jatuh hukuman. Mulut masing2 mcm haram jadah nak menyakit kan hati orang mereka tak sedar pulak. Suka hati aku la nak jadi ikan jerung ke atau badak berendam sekali pun! Kau Ado? Elok2 boleh follow my IG kan dah kena block now. Rimas manusia2 yang always think they are far holy and better than us.. Ada pulak tu menyindir yindir kita pulak mcm la kita ni banggang sangat tak faham maksud mereka. Is all this necessary? Kau tengok Ikan Dugung ni baring relax aja.. Tak pulak dia kisah the world around him. Nak tengok ..tengok tak suka unfollow aja. We have so much to learn from people attitude out there.

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Chef Wan also revealed that a number of internet trolls who left harsh comments have been blocked on his Instagram.

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